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Mechanic & Auto Repair Shop Loans

    Cars have long been synonymous with the American way of life. Our cars give us the freedom to go where we want, when we want, and we rely on them just about every day.

    Since Americans living outside of major cities need and use their cars just about every day, this puts a lot of pressure onto auto repair business owners.

    A lot goes into keeping your auto repair shop in tip-top shape. You may find yourself in need of a new lift or lift repair, or maybe you want to add or upgrade your tools. Or better yet, perhaps you’re expanding and need to add another bay to your facility, need to hire a new mechanic or customer support team. Simply put, you may need a cash advance for your business.

    If you don’t have the free working capital, a business loan or similar funding options may be the best route for you.

    Auto Repair Funding Alternatives to Business Loans from Fast Capital 360

    Going the traditional bank route to receive the funding you need to expand your automotive repair business can be a long, time-consuming road. At Fast Capital 360, we’ve built our entire lending process around the needs of American small business owners.

    Loans from major financial institutions require filling out long forms that involve numerous identity checks and other time-consuming work. Wanna know what’s even worse? Banks have a habit of making auto repair shop owners wait up to 90 days to learn of their approval. Sounds fun, right?

    Auto Business Funding, Loans, Capital & Financing

    We don’t keep you waiting. Our application process takes the average user just minutes to complete. All you need to do is tell us a little bit about your business, how much capital you’re looking for, and we’ll get started on finding the funding solutions for you. Applicants for our funding alternatives to business loans only have to wait hours to learn their status; many are approved in just 60 minutes.

    When your funding is approved, you won’t have to wait long for your cash like you would for a traditional loan. Our funding model allows us to wire your funding quickly, often in just one business day.

    To give you some more background on our company, Fast Capital 360 is a proud member of the Responsible Business Lending Coalition. This means we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing lending agreements that are clear and fair to borrowers. There’s no jargon or confusing language in our contracts, just straightforward terms that explain when money is owed and how much.

    As an auto repair business owner, we understand that borrowing money has the potential to be a frustrating and stressful process. We do our best to make your decision an easy one. Our business advisors are available to answer any questions you may have about what kinds of financing works best for your automotive repair shop.

    Whatever you’re in need of, Fast Capital has helped many auto repair shop owners (and, even car wash owners) like yourself with funding alternatives to cash business loans. We understand how important your business is and would love to partner with you to get you what you need – small business capital.

    Give us a call today at 800-735-6107. One of our knowledgeable business advisors will work to get you what you need.