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Agricultural & Farm Equipment Loans

    Growing the food the world eats is no easy feat. It involves a great deal of hard labor, early mornings and, more often than not, slim profit margins. Farmers then reinvest their hard-earned profits back into their soil, relying on their own work – and some cooperation from the environment – to provide them with sellable crops or livestock. But, what happens when those profits aren’t enough to expand business, and agriculture workers find themselves in need of farming business loans? Is a bank always the best place to obtain a tractor loan for farmers?

    Agriculture & Farm Loans

    When business owners in the agriculture industry are looking for a loan from a traditional banking institution for things like equipment, seasonal help, or to establish themselves digitally to help grow their business, banks are often not the best choice to secure funding.

    Large financial institutions often offer attractive financing options with very low interest. However, they also involve excessive waiting periods and require a pristine credit score which means it isn’t always the best way to obtain a loan for agriculture business. It’s easy to see why so many farming businesses turn elsewhere to secure the capital they need for business equipment and other business needs.

    Why Choose Fast Capital 360 For Farming Business Funding?

    As one of the leading small business finance companies in the country, we’ve provided thousands of small and medium-size businesses with the cash flow they need to take the next step in their industry. We know just how big of a difference agriculture funding can make – whether it be a tractor loan for farmers, or other farm equipment financing to fit the agriculture worker’s needs, we can help get you the capital that you need.

    From merchant inventory financing to better funding alternatives to manufacturing loans, we’ve been proud to support American business since our inception. Our dedication to creating the best alternative to small business loans as painless as possible for small business has earned us the number one spot for small business funding on – making us the go-to place for quick loan alternatives, such as a tractor loan for farmers.

    Our process is simple: we aim to provide funds for farming businesses in as little time as possible. Applying for a loan for farm equipment financing with a large financial institution often involves filling out pages upon pages of forms and identity checks. And, when you’re in dire need of that new tractor, filling out piles of paperwork in order to receive farming business funding may not seem like the ideal scenario.

    In addition, traditional banking institutions routinely make loan applicants wait 90 days to learn if they’ve been approved with some applicants reporting waits as long as six-months. Our applicants are notified of their approval within hours, with most users waiting just 60 minutes before being approved for funding – making traditional banks the less appealing source to obtain a tractor loan for farmers.

    Once your funding program is approved, your small business revolving line of credit starts almost immediately. Cash typically arrives in our merchant’s bank accounts in one business day, so agricultural businesses can go from filling out an application to spending their funding in as little as 24 hours.

    We don’t think you have to spend a lot of time away from your business just to receive a better funding option for a farm loan. We also don’t think you ought to have to pledge collateral like property, farming equipment or other assets just to receive your working capital. Our funding alternatives to traditional loans are 100% unsecured; you never have to pledge anything – all you have to do is pick out your new tractor.

    Instead of charging interest that compounds over time, all of our funding alternatives to traditional loans include a factor rate – interest that is factored as a whole into the repayment. With a factor rate, you know the exact amount of each payment and are never surprised when a payment for your alternative to a loan for agriculture business is due.

    Whether you’re looking for a better funding alternative to a microloan, a small business loan, a tractor loan or any other equipment financing, Fast Capital 360 has the agriculture funding options for you. Larger banks may not be giving you what you’re looking for, but we can give you the attention you deserve so you can obtain the farm equipment financing that you need right away.

    To learn more about our better funding alternatives to agricultural business loans, manufacturing loans, or even commercial lumber loans – give us a call at (800) 735-6107 or apply online.