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Business Loans & Small Business Funding in Oakland

Business Loans & Small Business Funding in Oakland
Oakland, California is located on the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area and is the eighth most populated city in California. Its population hovers just above 400,000 and has a metro population of 2.7 million, thanks to its proximity to San Francisco and San Jose.

While the majority of the major tech firms reside across the other side of the Bay Bridge, Oakland is home to Pandora, Ross Clothing Shops, The Clorox Company, and Kaiser Permanente. However, with the staggering rise in living costs in San Francisco, Oak Town is seeing a considerable boost to its own tech sector as the city has added 3.3% or more jobs over the last two years.

The unique vibe the city carries stems from the diverse cultures that call Oakland home. The East Bay Regional Park District ridge line parks and preserves add to the beautiful soul the city possess. Oak Town also includes some historic theaters like the Paramount Theatre and is home to Oakland Zoo and the Oakland Museum of California. When it comes to extracurriculars, the ever-popular Art Murmur festivals highlights a list of festivals held annually, which also includes Lakefest, Chinatown Streetfest, and the Oakland International Film Festival.

While Oakland is growing steadily, it’s still one of the most challenging markets to penetrate. Whether you’re founding the next great food delivery service or building a sustainable restaurant, you’re going to need liquid capital to make it work. To compete and succeed in the second City by the Bay, having enough working capital to support and drive your passions is crucial.

We’ve taken all of this into consideration in order to create the small business funding company that can easily support small businesses.

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We make it easy for your business in Oakland get the funds it needs to grow as fast as possible.

Commercial Business Financing In Oakland, CA

If you’re a small business owner who is looking to secure working capital in  Oakland, chances are you’re beginning your search by seeking out information focused on traditional business loans. However, going to a big bank is not always the best solution for small businesses.

Only 25% of applicants in the entire country were approved in 2017 for traditional bank funding. Banks always attempt to make the lending process as meticulous as they can for business owners. And even though the laundry list of requirements small business owners in Oakland must cycle through to get their hands on the capital needed to grow your business, banks aren’t in any rush to change.

Did you know that the usual waiting period to even learn if you’ve been approved for a bank loan is at least ninety days? Yup. 90! And if that’s not long enough, we’ve heard stories from applicants who have gone to traditional banking institutions for a traditional bank loan only to wait six months. No wonder Oakland small businesses have had it with traditional banks. A big part of our team couldn’t stand the way small businesses who were trying to better themselves by looking for funding were being treated. So we created something that was much more supportive of the Oakland small business owner.

When it comes to our process, we always let our Fast Capital 360 applicants know where their approval stands in less than two hours. In fact, most applicants only need to wait 60 minutes to find out if their application for small business funding has been accepted.

After approval and an acceptance of funds, Fast Capital 360’s funding alternative to short-term small business loans can be deposited in your bank account by the end of the next business day. We have customers who have been funding with us for years simply because of the speed at which we can go from application to approval to funded. It’s

Fast Capital 360 has also been fortunate enough to be ranked #1 on for small business loans.  We’re so lucky to have customers who take time out of their days to share a quick note of thanks.  Our favorite messages are from first time funders who share how great their experiences were and how they’ll be telling their fellow business friends.  We’ve always strived to build relationships, personally and professionally with our customers. It’s a two-way street and we know that we’d want to have repayment agreements which feature fair & transparent terms that will always be delivered to us in a clear and timely manner. We’ve become a trusted small business lending leader in Oakland, CA thanks to the trust our customers have placed in us.

If your small business is located in Oakland, CA and you’re looking to secure funding alternatives to loans for your thriving restaurants, or are interested in expanding your retail businesses, or maybe just need to explore your options an alternative to a bad credit loan in Oakland, we’ve been funding small businesses since 2009; we’re looking forward to helping even more businesses over the next decade and so on.

If you’re interested to know how merchant cash advances, small business funding alternatives to bad credit loans or other funding options in Oakland, give us a call at 1-800-735-6107.

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