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Mesa, AZ is a suburb of Phoenix located roughly 20 miles east of the city. According to Forbes, it’s the 7th safest city in the United States, just behind San Jose, CA. While it’s certainly part of the Greater Phoenix area, Mesa is home to nearly half a million people, with more than a quarter of the population being Hispanic or Latino.

The history of the town can be traced back over 2,000 years thanks to what is known of the Hohokam people. Long before there were pipes to channel water into the Valley of the Sun, the Hohokam used hundreds of miles of canals to irrigate their lands into an agricultural oasis. Amazingly, many of their canals are still used to this day.

While there are no major corporations with headquarters in Mesa, AZ, there are a handful of notable names employing large swaths of the population. The Boeing Company and Walmart employ nearly 7,000 people while Banner Health Systems, which runs the largest simulation training center in the Southwest, enlists roughly 10,000 locals. The aviation, tourism, and technology industries dominate the rest of the employment sector, with small businesses playing a large part in the glue of the community.

Since Mesa is in a wonderfully warm climate, tourism certainly plays a large role in bringing in revenue to the city. In order to continually attract out-of-towners to your business, marketing, advertising, and consistent business innovation needs to be applied. These things aren’t cheap of course and we recognize how taxing they can be on your reserves of working capital. Fortunately, we know how to help.

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Commercial Business Financing In Mesa, AZ

When small business begins their search for working capital in Mesa, AZ, chances are they’ll start by looking at their options in a traditional bank. Their goals are simple: find a traditional business loan with the quickest turnaround time; find a bank that will walk me through every step of the way, and guide me to make the best decision for the long-term financial health of my company. Unfortunately, many major financial institutions don’t offer the best options for small business owners looking to grow their Mesa-based company.

When it comes down to securing a small business loan through a bank, only one-quarter of all applications submitted by United States companies were accepted during 2017. It’s a shame, but banks purposely make the lending process as cumbersome as the can for small business owners. Often, traditional banks will fold in hidden fees and terms which make it quite lucrative for themselves. Small business owners don’t think about the big picture when they need immediate working capital and therefore pay more in interest over time.

On top of all these annoying practices, we’ve heard horror stories of banks taking up to three months just to share their final decisions with a small business loan applicant. Even worse, there are reports that some owners have had to suffer through a six month waiting period before they ever got their answer. All that time spent waiting is time you could be improving your business with a smart alternative to a small business loan.

Fast Capital 360 came to the market in 2009 to help business owners address this very problem. We knew there was a more expedient and efficient way to deliver small business funding to small business owners in Mesa, AZ – so we built a process.

Fast Capital 360’s funding process has the ability to approve qualified businesses within one hour. The funding alternatives to short-term small business loans that have developed can be deposited in your business bank account within 24 hours of the next business day. We’re very proud of how quickly we’re able to take business owners from application to approved and fully funded in a short period; something a traditional bank cannot do.

If you’re in the market for funding alternatives to loans for a manufacturing business that is at capacity, a restaurant looking to renovate the dining area, or a retail shop in need of some help to purchase seasonal inventory in Mesa, AZ, we can help. Fast Capital 360 has been a proven small business partner for nine years, and we don’t plan on slowing down. The support we’ve gotten from our customers on has been remarkable. Thanks to their generous reviews, we’ve been voted number one in the small business loans category.

We’ve always focused on fair & transparent rates, terms, and repayment agreements that anyone could understand. Our customers have a right always to know when and how their funding alternatives to traditional loans will be paid back to Fast Capital 360. We wholeheartedly believe that our transparent approach to funding has made us successful and we don’t have any desire to change that now.

For more information about merchant credit card advances in Mesa, or any other funding alternatives to small business bad credit loans, give us a call at 1-800-735-6107.

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