Business Loans For Women

As a business owner, you’ve become accustomed to the pace at which your life moves. You know that every minute has a value and that you can’t afford to be tied up with comparing all of the different business loan options or waiting for approval too long.

business loan for womanThere are a variety of options for small business loans for women; each comes with their own benefits and their obstacles. Among the most common sources for women’s small business loans are major banking institutions. The issue with the big banks is that, although they typically offer very competitive interest rates, only 25% of applications are ever approved. The other downside to using banking institutions for business loans for women is that their approval process typically takes as long as 90 days, with some business owners experiencing six-month wait periods to be approved for funding.

At Fast Capital 360, our business lending ethos is different from that of the other financial institutions.

Why Choose Us For Business Financing For Women?

We’ve provided capital to virtually every major industry in the U.S., and our merchants have made us the number one destination for companies looking for small business loans according to While our approach to helping businesses is definitely among the reasons that have gotten us the top spot, there are other factors there too.

Our funding process only takes a fraction of the amount of time bank loans require. Our application process takes the average user 10 minutes to complete. Instead of endless pages of paperwork, our application is less than 30 questions.

Most applicants that we serve looking for unsecured business loans are updated with approval status in just one hour. You shouldn’t have to wait weeks or months to learn if you qualify for funding. With our financing process you’ll be able to go to lunch, come back and find out what you qualify for.

Once your funding is approved, most merchants receive their capital in one business day.

As a member of the Responsible Business Lending Coalition, we’ve committed to making all of our lending agreements fair and transparent. From commercial contractor capital to online inventory financing, there are no surprises in our contracts, only plain English.

All of our business funding options, unlike other small business loans for women, are unsecured – you’ll never be asked to pledge property or assets for capital. Instead of interest that compounds over time with regular small business loans, our financing includes a factor rate that is paid back with each payment.

As a business owner, you work countless hours every week to grow your business. You shouldn’t have to wait around to receive the funding you need for your next step as a business owner.

At Fast Capital 360, we take pride in helping small businesses across the country flourish. To learn more about all of the business funding options for women we offer, including staffing company loans, call us today at 1-800-735-6107 or contact us online.

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