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Stockton, CA has been named an All-America City, an award given by the National Civic League annually, four times, most recently as 2017. Stockton, California was built during the California Gold Rush as a way for trade and gold to be transported through the Central Valley. Even though it’s been named an All-America City multiple times, Stockton filed for bankruptcy in 2008 but has since exited successfully in 2015.

Thousands of miles of waterways and rivers make up the California Delta all around Stockton. There are no major companies with headquarters in Stockton, but there are plenty of municipal employment opportunities. The largest employers are San Joaquin County, Stockton Unified School District, and California Division Juvenile Justice.

Small businesses are vital to Stockton’s economy. While  you certainly have both plenty of competition and plenty of potential customers. Whether you’re looking to renovate your salon or opening a second location for your restaurant, having enough small business funding to support and drive your company forward is important.

These desires to grow your business have lead us to create the working capital funding company that truly supports small business growth.

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Getting started is fast, easy, and won’t impact your credit score.

Commercial Business Loans & Financing In Stockton, CA

Many business owners don’t realize that traditional banks have a lot of requirements that must be met to qualify for a business loan. Due to these strict qualifications, the process for securing small business funding in Stockton can sometimes cause aggravation.

With such a low number of applicants being approved for traditional funding, often times, this can leave business owners without the working capital that they need to expand their company.

When working with a bank for a traditional loan, the process usually takes up to 90 days to be approved and receive your short term funding. And, when you’re on a time crunch and have a business to run, this wait just isn’t acceptable.

And, to make matters worse, business owners can find themselves waiting as long as six months for their funding to be disbursed. We think this extended wait period is utterly absurd, which is why we decided to do something about it.

At Fast Capital 360, we keep our applicants informed throughout the small business funding process, and many business owners receive an approval in just 60 minutes. With traditional loans, you wouldn’t experience this flexibility or quick turnaround.

In fact, some applicants find their funding deposited into their account as soon as by the end of the next business day. We value our consumers and watching them go from application to working capital in their hands in such a quick period is extremely rewarding.

Our fair and transparent funding has helped us become a leader in small business lending in Stockton, CA. And, thanks to our loyal customers and their genuine testimonials, Fast Capital 360 has earned the #1 spot on for funding alternatives to small business loans.

We offer many different alternatives to traditional bank loans including business equipment funding and working capital financing, so we can point you in the right direction for whatever your needs might be.

To learn more about our small business funding options in Stockton, give Fast Capital 360 a call today at 1-800-735-6107.

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