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Louisiana is home to one of the most diverse groups of people in the nation. Drawing influence from the surrounding states, as well as their French heritage, Louisiana has made a name for itself as one of the best places to eat, party, and as a result, start a business.

The mixing pot that is the Sugar State has created a lively environment for businesses of all kinds, but especially the food, transportation and education industries. Baton Rouge, LA, French for Red Stick,  is one of the biggest college cities in the country, creating a unique opportunity for businesses in the area.

Running a business in a college town like Baton Rouge has its advantages. Perhaps the most notable one being the amount of traffic you are guaranteed to see during the school year. While the students may change, the amount of students hardly ever does. This means you’ll never be short on customers for your restaurants, bars or transportation businesses, but it also means there will be plenty of hard working students looking for a way to make money during their time at school as well.

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Getting started is fast, easy, and won’t impact your credit score.

Small Business Loans in Baton Rouge

Whether you run a local restaurant or a retail business, even the most successful small businesses will come across the need for additional working capital. When this happens, many business owners will turn to traditional lenders like banks, but over the past decade, banks have fallen out of favor with small business owners due to their unwillingness to work with them. Banks see small businesses as a risk that they are seldomly willing to take.

Banks can also take up to 90 days to provide applicants with a decision, a waiting period that most small business owners can ill afford. Fast Capital 360 understands that your time is valuable; that’s why we’ve designed out funding process to work with your business, not against it. This starts with saving you time.

Our application takes the average applicant under 10 minutes to complete; and most business owners will receive a decision in as little as 60 minutes.

Small Business Funding in Baton Rouge

When it comes to finding the business funding that’s right for you, ask yourself first what you need it for. Whether you need inventory financing for your retail business or just some additional working capital to get you through a slow season, Fast Capital 360 offers an abundance of options for passionate business owners looking to help their company grow.

Running a successful business in Baton Rouge, LA, has its perks, but as with every business, things don’t always go as planned. When that happens, Fast Capital 360 takes pride in providing the best small business funding in Baton Rouge to help get your business back on track.

If you’re looking for a merchant cash advance or another type of business funding to help make ends meet and continue operating your business the way you have grown accustomed to, call us today at 800-735-6107 and one of our passionate business advisors will work with you towards deciding which of our funding programs will work best for you.

For the best small business funding options in Baton Rouge, La, contact Fast Capital 360 today.

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