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Week #3: Securing Workplace Technology

Business and technology go hand in hand in today’s business environment, and companies can no longer avoid the daily use of computers in the workplace. This makes taking the right steps towards securing your technology a crucial responsibility that is often overlooked. If your company depends on technology to perform essential business operations, you will benefit from these tips aimed to protect your assets.

Just as you lock your office doors at the end of the day, the same should go for your digital resources. Each computer should be given a password that locks it when not in use. This keeps non-employees from accessing company documents or records, a precaution most businesses should consider.

In addition to password security, using single sign-on software helps further secure employee accounts. Programs like OKTA centralize multiple accounts for employees, meaning they only have to sign in to their OKTA account, which then authorizes whatever other accounts are connected to it as well. Using this program keeps things smooth and organized, not requiring permission every time you sign into a frequently visited site.

Another common precaution taken by companies that use technology on a daily basis is the use of an antivirus program. Protecting your computer from malicious software is a part of being a responsible technology owner, and failure to keep your digital assets safe can lead to a significant setback for your business.

Another way to protect your company’s computers is employee monitoring. Your staff might not think a particular website or file is dangerous when it is. But by keeping tabs on their online activity, you can trace problems back to the source and help prevent them from happening in the future.

Finally, if you aren’t using a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) or surge protector to protect your network from crashing, you could be at serious risk. Turning off a computer improperly can be damaging, especially to the files saved on it, but having your entire database go down could be catastrophic. Having a UPS and surge protector can keep your system up and running, even in an emergency situation.

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