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How transparent should employers be with employees?

Employers often grapple with how transparent they should be with their staff. While some bosses feel it unnecessary to disclose information, others have tendencies to share everything. There’s arguments for both sides of the coin; benefits and disadvantages. Transparency in the workplace is more common these days. Overall, it’s an advisable practice. The advantages outweighing the negatives. First and foremost, it develops greater trust within the staff. Being straightforward with your team makes them feel valued and trusted. They want to know that you see them as vital parts of your business.

Nothing is worse than finding out there are struggles within our workplace from the grapevine. It creates worry and uneasiness. Should your company be facing financial or other obstacles, be as up front as possible with your employees. They work hard for you and your company’s success and deserve to know where their job security stands. Not only does this help them, but it serves you as well.

People who are forced to draw their own conclusions often get scared for their future. We tend to exaggerate situations when we don’t have facts from the source. Before you know it, you’re losing invaluable employees due to assumptions or speculation. While they may be loyal to you and your company, but they have bills to pay and families to provide for.

Another benefit of transparency is collective brain storming. There may be a matter that you’re dealing with that your staff has productive input on. More minds bring more ideas and solutions you may not have considered.

Of course, there are times when it’s best to keep certain details to yourself or your core team. Personal information may be one of those things. However, if it’s something that might affect your staff’s jobs, find a way to delicately inform them. There is a fine line between our personal and professional lives. You may have staff that you’re closer with and can trust to know more intimate details of your life. These inner circle individuals are the exception to the rule of discretion in most cases.

Whatever information you do share with your employees, be sure to choose your words very carefully. Be concise about the situation. Provide a course of action to resolve the problem. If there isn’t a solution in sight, make them confident that it’s being addressed and that their thoughts and ideas are welcome.

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