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Time Management

As important as money management is, so is properly managing your time. We cannot buy time. And time is something you can’t get back. None of us feel as though we have enough hours in the day to get done all we need to do. So, managing it is imperative to a stress-less (well, almost) life and business. At this point, you’re probably saying “No kidding!”. So I’ll just offer some suggestions in how to help you take back, even a fraction more, of your time.

Bedtime is the time that I think of everything. This is highly inconvenient if you actually want to sleep. As a solution, I started keeping a tablet and pen next to my bed to write down whatever popped into my head. This may not seem like a “time saver” but a stress reliever. That is true. But, it also saves time the next day when I’m trying to remember all the things I thought of the night before. Keeping a list helps you to prioritize all that needs to be done. Many days, if not all, you will not get to everything on that list. However, you will see that you’ve accomplished something and can push off to the next day what you didn’t complete.

Delegation is your friend. That list I just spoke of… have someone else take some of that off your hands. I’ve had struggles doing that, fearing things wouldn’t be done the “right way”. Finally, I got out of my own way and had trust in other people’s abilities. This has saved me a lot of time and aggravation.

Schedule your day… to the hour. We all typically have a schedule for the day. We write on our calendar the main events of our day, week or month. Break this down even more. For example: from 8-9 am you will get in your exercise. From 9-10 you will follow up on correspondence. Then, from 10-12, you’ll contact new leads, investors, opportunities for your business. You’ll recharge from 12-1 by eating lunch and unplugging. You get the idea. Break your day into bite-sized pieces. Side note: there will be some things that are unavoidable. Don’t strap your schedule SO tight that you have no wiggle room.

Don’t squander your time. Are you dealing with things in your office that you don’t have to? Are you allowing people outside of your business to dictate your day with non-sense? Stop! We can’t, not should we be, the end all, be all. We give permission to others to sidetrack our day. If we have discipline when it comes to our schedule, people will get it and stop asking you to deter. Don’t be afraid of the word “no”.

Step away from the electronics! It’s difficult to get anything done with constant notifications popping up on your phone or tablet. So, unless distractions don’t bother you, take the temptation out of the equation when your attention has to be somewhere else.

This last tip I feel hypocritical even mentioning. It is something I have not yet mastered. That is to get up, even an hour, earlier each day. During that time, you can knock off at least one thing on your list of things to do. this is also time you can use to start your day with reading or something that will feed your mind and get you ready for the day.

In conclusion, be sure that the things you ARE doing are productive and will move your business forward. Whether that’s research, talking to people, or being hands on… if that’s what will feed your dream, that’s where your time is best spent.

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