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Technology and Your Business

It’s amazing how much business (and life) have changed since the incorporation of technology! Just 20 years ago, it was not common practice for businesses, particularly small businesses, to have much of their business run via internet. Computers, while not uncommon, were used primarily for bookkeeping. The internet became a total game changer and has helped expand businesses dramatically.

Some people are old school and comfortable with the status quo. Technology can be understandably intimidating. Utilizing all the tech world has to offer will only make your business better if you’re using it right. The downside to technology is that your competition is using it. Otherwise, you’ll be left in the dust by your competitors.

The days of paperwork (with actual paper) are more or less a thing of the past. Computers are doing all of the bookkeeping, marketing, communicating, selling, buying, and even more. Be sure to invest in a good system with expandable data options and back up batteries. Equally important, is high speed internet. And for Pete’s sake, back up your work!!

Computers have given us the opportunity to become better at customer relations too! Nowadays, people are making appointments online. They are ordering from your websites. Online surveys give feedback to companies they may not have gotten before. This encourages us to keep doing what’s working and to improve what’s not.

Cell phones are another necessary evil. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t imagine my life without my cell phone. The pluses are endless. My customers (or loved ones) are right at my fingertips. I can check my email and research anything on the spot. Texting allows me to send a quick message without completely overhauling the flow of my day. The downside (and upside) is anyone can get in touch with you anytime, anywhere. Do yourself a favor: master the skill of discipline. When you are with your family, turn it off! We’ve become more stressed in today’s world because we don’t know how to tune out. For more on that, read “Leaving Work at Work”.

There’s something to be said for hearing a person’s voice or seeing their face. It takes a lot of guess work out of interpretation during a conversation. If you’re a business that requires meetings or conferences, technology has become your best friend! No more do you have to trek across town (or the country or world) to attend “face to face” meetings. Conference calls and video capable apps (Skype or Facetime) for video conferencing have made entrepreneurial lives complete.

*For suggestions on what apps and programs you may want to check out, see “Programs to Keep your Business Running Smoothly”.

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