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Tasting Success: The Try The World Story

2012 was a simpler time. It was before subscription services truly took off and disruptors like Dollar Shave Club had only just been founded. Business moved a bit slower back then, and companies were only beginning to see the true power of social media.

In 2012, Kat Vorotova was working in marketing strategy at Weight Watchers. At the same time, David Foult was working in instant business funding. Foult founded a short-lived microfinance fund in Vietnam that taught him valuable lessons about being an entrepreneur and the challenges faced by businesses that wanted to import their goods to the U.S.

In 2013, Kat and David met at a food tasting event. Both avid foodies, they quickly discerned each other’s interest in tastes that were difficult to find stateside. Recognizing that together, their combined business acumen could result in something spectacular, they got to work creating a company.

When Try The World was founded in 2013, the hipster revolution had only just begun. As public interest in exotic foods began to grow nationwide, the company looked to satisfy the demand with a subscription box that delivered just that. Subscribers received five or six items per month from different locations around the world. Boxes regularly included items like oils, condiments, bagged snack, herbs and various cooking ingredients that could either be used as to create a meal themselves or integrated into one for an uncommon flavor.

Though business started off slow, the company continued to secure funding and expand. Kat and David believed in their product, and after Kat received her master’s degree in 2015, both founders dedicated the entirety of their efforts to growing the company and an aggressive social media strategy.

In July of 2016 Try The World partnered with, one of Walmart’s online platforms. In March, the company acquired competitor Hamptons Lanes. At a time when the subscription box bubble shows signs of bursting, Try The World continues to grow stronger, carving out larger market share with every box they send.

Focusing on customizable and affordable products, the company now offers three separate packages to its subscribers that are curated for their individual tastes. The internal team has grown slowly, less than 30 people work for Try The World despite their gargantuan revenue. At a time when services like Dollar Shave Club are being sold to Unilever, Try The World doubled in size from $7 million in 2015 to $14 million in 2016.

Just like every other business, Try The World went through its struggles to grow and needed funding to get off the ground. Fast Capital 360 is proud to help fuel the American dream and to get businesses where they deserve to be. To learn more about our business funding today, visit us online or call us at 800-735-6107.

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