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The challenges small business owners face varies from industry to industry, but hard work and attention to detail are regularly synonymous with a business’ success. Whether you run a restaurant business, a mechanic repair shop, or a digital marketing agency, certain values remain constant. SEO Locale not only carries these traits themselves but assist other businesses in meeting their goals as well.
SEO Locale is a Pennsylvania-based digital marketing agency helping their clients improve their internet presence. Their services include web development, content marketing, pay per click advertising, and other SEO (search engine optimization) assistance.

Marc Brookland is the founder and CEO of SEO Locale and provided some insight into what makes his company tick. Marc and his company deal with clients on a daily basis, many of them being owners of their own businesses looking for a way to expand their brand. Of course, every client is different, and Brookland spoke about how he and his company juggle the needs of these unique clients.

“You have to be more organized than whatever you think ‘highly organized’ is,” said Brookland, “you have to really make an effort to own each and every client/project and make sure you’re on top of it.”

Brookland said not only does he keep detailed to-do lists for each client, he sets email updates to keep him aware of upcoming due dates. Staying on top of their clients is one challenge Marc and his company face, but it’s far from the only one. Dealing with many different clients, Marc talked about how he and his team keep their content flowing freely.

“Keeping things fresh and original comes naturally when you write your content in-house,” said Brookland, “I know a lot of companies that outsource their writing, which is when you notice dull or almost ‘template’ content.”

He went on to explain how each business is different and having a writing team allows for a more creative process and a better experience for the client.

“We focus on the things that separate them from their competition and find creative ways to market those differences,” continued Brookland, “this could be with funny videos, interesting infographics, images, creativity is endless.”

This type of business is distinct from others, and the obstacles they face differ from many other industries. Some businesses and clients are skeptical of how companies specializing in SEO can actually help them, and there are plenty of self-proclaimed ‘SEO experts’ in the world who are undeserving of such a title. Because of this, clients sometimes shy away from the thought of hiring a company like SEO Locale. However, a knowledgeable SEO company can benefit a business struggling with their online results exponentially.

“Any business is hesitant to spend money, no business owner actually wants to spend more,” Brookland said, “ but it’s understood that it takes money to make money.”

SEO Locale has helped their clients exceed their goals, and SEO Locale’s homepage features many of their clients sharing their experiences with the company.

“It’s important to present the value you offer with proven, data-driven metrics and strategies,” Brookland said of businesses who might be cautious of doing business with him, “SEO is an investment, but in today’s world, it’s a necessary investment.”

A positive internet presence has become increasingly more important, and there are no signs of that changing anytime soon. This opens the door for SEO Locale, allowing them to polish your business’online reputation and help it shine. Brookland has expressed the significance of keeping things transparent and explaining what the work being done will do for the client.

SEO Locale believes building a relationship with their clients is the most important part of their work and takes time to get to know what each business he works with.

“Not every conversation has to be about business,” said Brookland on building a better working relationship, “I engage in common friendly conversation always and check how they are doing.”

Search Engine Optimization is a business that more and more people should acquaint themselves with, and SEO Locale is doing their part in not just helping businesses succeed on the internet, but explaining the process as well.

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