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Seize the Moment: What You Can Learn From Scott Foster and the Chicago Steel

Standing out in a crowd is never an easy thing to do. Usually, there will always be someone else who is taller, louder, more entertaining, or, perhaps, just more popular.

This is no indictment of “you” – it’s the way of the world. But notice the one word I didn’t use: clever.

14 Minutes of Fame

Just before Easter 2018, the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks found themselves in quite the predicament.

Their starting goaltender injured himself the morning before a game against Winnipeg and Chicago found themselves in need of an emergency backup for their back-up. They found an emergency backup in 36-year-old accountant, and former collegiate goalie, Scott Foster.

As the game progressed, Foster found himself thrust into action against one of the best teams in the entire world for more than 14 minutes of gameplay. Remarkably, he let up no goals in Chicago’s 6-2 victory, even making a few highlight saves against some of Winnipeg’s most dynamic players. Foster was named the game’s first star and thus began his reign as the best story of the week.

Did I mention he’s an accountant?

After the game, Foster was interviewed by reporters, locally and nationally, looking to get a sense of just how much of a whirlwind the entire day had been for him. Foster summed it up by saying, “a few hours ago I was sitting on my computer, typing on a 10-key; now I’m standing in front of you guys, having just finished 14 and a half minutes of NHL hockey.”

Making THE Story Your Story

Chicago is a major media market with a lot of people paying attention to every move the Blackhawks make – even people who run other teams.

The Chicago Steel of the United States Hockey League happened to be paying attention that Thursday night. Like the rest of the hockey world, and soon to be the entire country, the Steel organization was enthralled by Foster’s story and couldn’t believe what had unfolded. They were merely spectators enjoying the highlights when someone on their communications team had a marvelous idea.

The United States Hockey League (USHL) is two rungs below the NHL on a competition scale, meaning it can be a hard sell for the Steel to get attention in a city with five major professional franchises. However, thanks to their quick thinking and action, the Steel distributed a press release announcing their desire to sign Scott Foster, emergency backup goaltender, as an emergency accountant.

The press release the Steel issues lauded Foster with the praise he’d earned from his unlikely performance all while ‘courting’ him to join the organization and lead them into the thick of tax season with the kind of skills only he could provide.

On top of all of that, they also informed readers that playoff tickets for their own hockey team, which Foster cannot play for due to the league’s age restriction, were now on sale.

Choose Wisely

While the Chicago Steel had great success with their own version of newsjacking, it’s yet to be determined what exactly will come of their investment. Your business can jump on different trends that pop-up in your city, town, or industry by paying close attention to news stories, trending topics on Twitter and Facebook, and leveraging Google Alerts.

The best piece of advice we can leave you with is to make sure you have a structure in place where you can move quickly. News and business moves faster than ever before and we need to have enough working capital on hand to strike when the time is right.

Whether it’s being able to try a new marketing campaign, add some seasonal inventory, or simply cover some of your expenses after paying your taxes, having access to the right cash flow is crucial to move ahead.

If the time comes, is your business ready to strike?

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