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Protecting Your Business from Hackers

Technology has done wonders for business. Everything we can possibly need is right at our fingertips. Unfortunately, it can be at a hackers’ disposal as well. Protecting your businesses data is as important as the information it contains. There are simple ways for you to be sure all of your info is safe.

*Set up a Firewall: Your network router should have one built in. Also, be sure to invest in a security program like McAfee or Norton, for example.

*Be sure you are updating your software and hardware with scheduled updates. Not only does this protect your computer by giving security updates, it also keeps things running quicker.

*Passwords: Require everyone at your office to use a strong password. When an employee leaves the company, for whatever reason, change the passwords.

*Minimize use of personal use: You probably already have a policy about personal use of company computers. This isn’t to say you can’t have some leniency. But, know and make known, your policy about taking computers home and use at the office.

*Suspicious file: Never, no matter how tempting, open a file that says it’s suspicious. There’s a reason it’s warning you. This is a common way for viruses to make their way onto your computers. If a corrupt file is downloaded accidentally, be sure your employees know to report it so it can be checked out.

*Find qualified IT help: This isn’t to say you have to have someone on staff 24/7. Just be sure you have someone reliable that can help with any needs your systems may have. This will save you time, and most of all, frustration.

*BACKUP YOUR WORK! This is an easy thing to do that way too many people don’t. There are few things worse than having all of your data lost when your computer shuts down.

*Lock your WiFi: Set up a password in order to use your WiFi signal. Also, if you’re out and about using your mobile device, try using a personal Hotspot as opposed to the free WiFi at Starbucks (or anywhere else). When you use a public signal, it’s easier for strangers to hack into your information.

*Two-step authentication: While it’s annoying and a little more time consuming, this is a great feature. Whenever I go onto my banks website, they ask security questions… every time. If I use a different device, they require a code be sent to me via text. I then have to enter that code on the site. Again, it’s annoying, but it makes you that much more secure and less likely to have someone else accessing your secure information.

There may be other tips you can look into, depending on your system and programs you use. Be sure to heed any updates and information available. Spending a little time in the beginning can help in avoiding a hacker infiltrating your system.

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