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Programs to Keep your Business Running Smoothly

Running a business has many moving parts. Day in and day out, you’re juggling ideas, employees, customers, bookkeeping, marketing, and more. You may have someone to do some of these tasks for you, which is advisable. Whether you’re the one wearing all the hats or you’ve mastered the art of delegation, having systems makes life simpler.  There are vast choices in software programs designed for business owners, a few of which I’ll touch on here.


Most businesses today have a website for their customers and potential customers to visit. If you’re one of the many entrepreneurs that have a website, Google Analytics is an absolute must! Analytics allows you to see how much traffic your site is seeing and where most of them are visiting from. Another great feature of Google Analytics, is seeing which day, week, month or year that your site had the greatest number of hits. As a result, this is extremely useful in tracking what was happening in your business at that time that drew people to check you out.


Staying uncluttered is an important element to a business running smoothly. Having bills (incoming and outgoing), plans, photographs, among other things, can be a daunting task to try to keep everything in order. I have one word for you: Dropbox. Consider this to be your virtual filing cabinet. And the greatest thing about Dropbox is that you can access it from any device that has an internet connection. If you’re out to lunch with clients or business associates, you no longer need a briefcase filled with documents.  And for those of us that have a tendency to leave the house or office forgetting something, this is a beautiful thing. Having access, literally at your fingertips, to important records or even photographs for your website, is a game changer.


Skype or Facetime are great tools, especially for those of you that have a client base or partners you don’t see face to face. These days, we do more interacting electronically than ever before. Email and texting may be convenient, but there’s something to be said for having a personal connection with your customers. Being able to see someone’s face during a conversation can make a huge difference in an outcome. Having video capabilities also allows you to make presentations to peers where you’d otherwise have to travel.


Accepting credit cards is a necessity these days. One of the greatest products out there today is Square.  This small device is convenient and connects to your smart phone or iPad. You can process cards anywhere you are and the charges are minimal.


Google calendar and contacts are life changing!  What I love most about keeping my information in Google, is that all of your important information is synced for you from and to your Google account. When scheduling an appointment in my phone, I know it’ll show up on my home computer and vice versa. Same goes for your contacts. What’s more, when you send an email to one of your contacts, there’s no need to search for their email address. Everything is connected and completely simplifies life!


In addition to the apps and programs I mentioned in this article, there are a couple that you might want to investigate (if you don’t already have them). Other essential programs to consider include; electronic signature tools, an accounting tool (FreshBooks is widely suggested), and a host for your website like GoDaddy.


Once again, there are many apps that can benefit you and your business. These are only a few that I think warranted mentioning as they have completely simplified my life.

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