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Products to Help Your Health at the Office

If you were to visit the offices here at Fast Capital, you’d see fitness is encouraged here. At any given time, you’ll see someone riding around on a scooter. Twice a week, you’d see our personal trainer working with those who choose to come in early for a full work out. On those very days, at the start of the workday, you’d see the whole office doing the 7-minute stretch with that trainer. To blow off some steam or get a little upper body workout, you might see someone in the game room hitting the punching bag. When you want to mix up your seating, we have large rubber balls to sit and stretch on. Those are just a few things we do here to keep healthy. Below are some other ideas (some we use here as well) that promote health at the office.

*Standing or walking desk: If you work at a desk all day, you know how cramped your body can be by the end of the day. Sitting all day restricts blood flow. Be sure to get up and walk around periodically. But, if you’d like to keep the blood flowing while you work, try out the standing or walking desks. Having a standing desk allows you to move your desk up and down to support whether you want to sit or stand while you work. The walking desk incorporates a treadmill into your work station. This may be tough to do if you’re speaking on the phone, but pretty cool if you’re simply doing computer work.

*Ergonomic equipment: If you are someone that sits at a desk all a good chair is a must. First, a chair that has good lumbar support and backrest. Also, it should have adjust-ability to accommodate a person’s height. Is the chair wide enough to sit comfortably? Lastly, the material of the chair should be breathable with a well-padded seat.

For those typing all day, the repetitiveness can wreak havoc on your joints. This can increase the risk of getting or worsening conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and tendinitis. Getting a mouse-pad or separate (or both) wrist rest is vital.

*Plants are wonderful to have around for a multitude of reason. They beautify the office. Also, they provide serenity and an at-home feeling. Plants provide oxygen as well as reducing noise that can cause distractions. There’s nothing bad about having greenery in the office.

*Exercise at desk: Many of us have a hard time finding time to get to the gym after a long day at work. If you’d like to get your blood flowing while you sit at your desk, consider and under-desk stepper/elliptical. Of course, you can also use these in a standing position, to get even better benefits.

*Sanitizing: As you read this, there’s probably someone in your office that has a cold. Sadly, not everyone gets paid sick days (that’s a whole other topic). Therefore, your work neighbor is spreading their germs to the rest of us. The best way to avoid getting sick (besides a bubble) is washing your hands frequently. In addition, you can keep hand sanitizer on your desk. It’s also advisable to keep disinfecting wipes nearby to regularly wipe down your work-space, including your phone.

*Footrest: Sitting in a chair all day can cause discomfort, poor posture and reduced circulation. Having a footrest elevates the feet and legs enough for blood to flow more freely and improves your positioning.

*Bring dumbbells to work: Again, when you work full-time, it’s tough to have time to get in extensive workouts. Try bringing a pair of dumbbells to work. This is multi-tasking at its best. You can get in an arm work out while you’re on the phone or reading at your desk.

*Fun-size air quality: Unfortunately, many of the offices we work in have air systems that aren’t cleaned as often as they should be. Desktop air purifiers are extremely helpful, especially for those that suffer with upper respiratory disorders like asthma and allergies. And for your comfort, desktop fans and heaters make it tolerable to be in an office that has inconsistent temperatures.

*Hand fitness trainer: When the ergonomic wrist rests aren’t cutting it for pain in your hands and wrist, try the hand fitness trainer. You wear it like a glove for resistance exercise. This is especially good for someone who suffers with arthritis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and tendinitis.

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