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It Pays to Give… The Rewards of Being Others Focused

It is said that it is better to give than to receive. I happen to agree with that belief. This way of thinking serves us well in life as well as in business. When we alter our focus to others, our intentions are pure. The rewards are endless when we think and do for others.

Keeping this spirit in mind when we’re dealing with employees, co-workers, and customers does wonders for our businesses. What we put into the world comes back to us tenfold, even if we don’t realize it. Of course, we don’t want to do for others simply for what we will get out of it. Nor do we want to be taken advantage of.

Along with the many skills we must possess in our careers, empathy and relatability is equally important. Every business owner must find that special ingredient to set them apart from the competition. Sometimes that unique piece of the puzzle is simply… kindness. There are far too many companies that fail due to a lack of personalization or good service. You may have a great product, but that isn’t enough to sustain a client base. When you, however, offer an environment where the staff is friendly and go out of their way to see how they can help you, the customer will be back. Kindness is key to building a strong foundation.

As you encounter people in our business, try thinking “what can I do to help this person?” right away. This comes across to the individual standing in front of you. Another benefit is that it gets you out of your own way. If you’re only looking at what you’re going to gain from that person, it shows. We certainly can be our own worst enemies!

The best example of this would be those in sales. Salespeople get a bad rap, generally speaking. Many people say they would never want to be in sales because salespeople are so pushy.  That typically stems from experience. Of course, this isn’t true in all cases. Unfortunately, it is true in some cases. Consumers don’t want to feel taken advantage of. Too often, those in sales, especially those on commission or with quotas, are so desperate for the sale that aren’t really thinking of the customer. Their motives show selfish intentions, repelling a potential customer.

I built a solid customer base when I was in sales. I credit that to wonderful products, but the service I provided had as much to do with that result. There were many times I steered people away from products they didn’t need. This built trust between my customer and I. My clients knew I was commission based, yet I didn’t think of myself when I was serving them. I wanted a customer for life. If they thought I was only in it for the sale and not their best interest, they’d walk. And I wouldn’t blame them.

Having an attitude of giving endears us to others. It builds trust, if it’s sincere of course, and makes others want to be around us. Not only will it build a solid client base, but will make you a great boss, co-worker, friend, and family member. An added bonus; it makes us feel good! A final thought and in the words of Winston Churchill, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give”.

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