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Leaving Work at Work

This will be one of the most difficult things you will have to do! Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about how to make it a reality.

After a minimum of 8 hours (probably a lot more if you’re the owner), it’s finally time to go home. A menagerie of events take place in a day at the office. Customers may have been particularly difficult to deal with. Two of your employees called out. An expensive machine decided to call it quits. It’s been a frustrating day to say the least. This makes it challenging to let it all go… just like that. Nonetheless, it’s something we must master.

Your family time is limited and you (as well as your family) should be able to enjoy it. What’s the point of working hard, after all, if you can’t relish your down-time? One problem with spewing all of your woes with your family is that they start to resent your business and wonder if it’s really worth it. You then wonder why you’re not getting support in building your dream. Because you want to share your life with your significant other, specifically, you SHOULD be open. I’m not trying to confuse you or send mixed messages. I’m suggesting you have rules about “whiny time”. Allow yourself 10 minutes to rant about your day. Then move on. Keep this in mind for your husband or wife (or whomever you share your life with) as well. You’ll both be able to decompress and enjoy the rest of your evening.

It’s a common, unwritten rule to leave your personal baggage at home. Yet, we do not practice the same rule (reversed) at home. Too often, when we are home with our families, we’re not really “there”. As we sit at the dinner table, we’re on our phones or computers and not present. This is assuming we’re even eating at the dinner table. If you want a strong bond with your family, it’s vital to make them feel as important, more important, than the place you spend the mass of your time. You know… that whole quality over quantity of time thing? It’s actually true.

Using this as a rule of thumb doesn’t only pertain to family. This also is a good precedent to set for time with friends and even co-workers. Nobody wants to be around the grump that only gripes about their job. Talking about our work lives will always be a part of our conversations. Work is too big a part of ourselves to not have it spill into our personal lives. Just be conscious of having it take on a life of its own. This benefits everyone… including you!

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