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Keeping a Positive Online Presence

In one of our earlier posts, Spreading the Word about your Business, we talked about the usefulness of social media and other ways to advertise. Social media is a must today, but there are things you must be conscious of to get the most out of it. This goes for business owners and job seekers alike. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and the likes, are the first-place people go to see if you are someone they want to work or do business with. Employers check social media when they are considering a new employee. Consumers look for events or sales at local businesses. Much can be learned by your online presence.

  • It’s not your garden-variety advertising. In the past, advertising was simply stating what your business was and what you had to offer. People today are looking for something more. Interaction is where it’s at! People LOVE injecting their opinions. Surveys are a great way to start a conversation as well as finding out what your potential customers are looking for. They’re more likely to share interesting content to their own social media pages too.
  • Interaction has its downsides. If someone is unhappy about a product or service you provided, they will most definitely sound off on your site. There are a couple of ways to handle or avoid this type of situation. Sites like Facebook give you the option to filter what gets posted by others. You can place a setting that requires you to approve a comment or post before it goes public. Use that function! However, Twitter, for example, doesn’t have that feature. Consequently, it is more difficult to filter out negative comments people may leave. That brings me to the next tip…
  • Refrain from lashing back at nasty comments or reviews. I find this one of the most difficult things to do. It’s human nature to want to defend ourselves and come back at someone that was nasty. It is, however, in your best interest to do so. Unfortunately, it is also human nature for much of the population to want to read these exchanges. You always want to address a complaint with class and respect, as tough as that may be. Being the bigger person will say more about you than what the grumbler is saying.
  • Have someone experienced handle your social media. The broader your audience, the more this is a full-time job. You have other things to do! They can post for you and handle your responses in a timely fashion.
  • Spellcheck. That is all.
  • Understand that your business profile links closely to your personal profile. Posts on your personal accounts will reflect on your business, like it or not. If you’ve recently commented or published something that folks find offensive or questionable, they will associate that with your business. Of course, this can work for or against you. Staying away from topics like politics and religion is advisable. Your personal viewpoints on other social issues have the same outcome. This includes job seekers. A potential employer is very likely learning things about you through your social media outlets.
  • Be committed. It’s common for a business to be gung-ho about creating an online presence and post regularly for the first month. And like that gym membership you got in January, your commitment lapses. Irregular posting will only result in any followers you have becoming bored and moving on. Furthermore, it can depict you as not being current.

In conclusion, if you are new to the world of social networking, it can be intimidating for sure. Be that as it may, try to embrace it. not only can it yield more business for you, it can also be fun.

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