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The Importance of Goal Setting

If you google “quotes about goals”, you could spend hours on end reading words of wisdom from famous and successful people. It’s not that they’re master quote-makers (by trade). The common thread is that they all know the importance that goal setting made in their lives.

Your business likely began with a dream. That dream was actually a goal in disguise. So, you can check that off of your to do list. Of course, goal setting doesn’t end there. Continuing to set goals is an integral part of your success story. If you don’t have a target, you have nowhere to aim.

We briefly mentioned goal setting, and breaking them down, in the article, “Your First Five Years of Business”. While an initial goal is important, setting smaller ones is, too.

Think of your goals as building a house. Your primary goal (owning a business) is your foundation. Next, you want to build the structure. This can be likened to your business outline. What do you want your company blueprint to look like? Then comes your staff and details on who you’ll need to move your dream forward. You can think of that as your interior design. You get the idea.

Having goals every step of the way keeps you focused on the next task and helps you to feel accomplished as you watch the progress. Many people need direction… to know where they’re going and why. Your attention to details, by way of goals, helps everyone stay on the same page. Fuzzy goals result in mediocre results. Goals push us to be better… to strive further.

It’s common to drop the ball on our aspirations. Follow through is key and that is why the breakdown of a plan of action is so vital. There should be a plan for every year, month, week, and day. Have this plan where you, and anyone else involved, can see it. Sharing and seeing it once in a while isn’t enough to keep us motivated.  And getting others involved and excited about the goal will make them take ownership. Taking that a step further, giving each team member their own goal and reward will only help you! Don’t be afraid to ask for input either. Someone in your space may have great ideas that you may not have thought of. People are more likely to support what they help create.

Have you thought, really thought, about why this dream is so important to you?  Remembering this is what will keep you going when things get difficult. And don’t think your goal is too lofty. If your goal isn’t scary, it’s not big enough. Of course, there will be times that you will miss your target. That’s OK. Just don’t let it bring you to a screeching halt. It’s perfectly natural to feel disappointed. But, forge ahead by resetting the goal and refocusing your efforts.

Successful people are known to have visual aids in their surroundings. Pictures of places they want to go, both figuratively and literally. Perhaps there’s a school you’d like to send your children to that is pricey. Keeping these visuals in front of you at all times keeps you honed in on the work required to achieve it.

Lastly, track your efforts. You’ll be amazed at what you accomplish in a years’ time when you’re following your plan. Before you know it, you’ll find your own quote about goal setting on a Google search!

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