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Grow Your Business In 2018 With These 5 Resolutions

We’re already more than a week into 2018 and some of our resolutions have fallen by the wayside. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

But since we know that your yearly goal is to grow – grow your business, grow your email lists, grow your pipeline, and grow as a person – we wanted to make sure we shared our thoughts for achieving that growth.

We’ve created a list of the things we believe business owners and operators can use to power their 2018 Business Resolutions:


Just like any other resolution, the more defined your goals are the easier it will be to achieve and mark your progress. If we decide to address too many things during this year, we won’t ever get the best results for any of them.

Start small, reassess, and never lose sight of the big picture…that and take Ron Swanson’s wise advice.

Meet Your Customers Where They Already Are

Think about your new favorite restaurant – yeah that’s the one. How did you find out about it? Chances are it was either through a friend in person or through a friend on social media.

Trying to get your customers to visit your website is getting more and more difficult. As the Facebooks, Googles and Amazons of the world continue to dominate and generate more daily active users, the harder it is for upstarts to get the attention and clicks they’re looking for.

So, If you can’t beat ‘em, join’em – so to speak. If you create content in the form of videos, blogs and other promotional content, it’s best to publish and share it directly on those platforms. Your customers are already spending the majority of their time there so you’d be wasting time not engaging on these platforms.
If you’re looking for a great primer on how to master some social media tactics and strategies this year, we highly recommend listening to this podcast from Buffer.

Simplify Your Process

Making something simple can be quite complicated.

Whether it’s reviewing and streamlining your customer’s user experience or how your employees execute essential day to day tasks, bringing order to your workflow is incredibly beneficial to your bottomline.

According to a Harvard Business Review study from 2012, customers who were considering purchasing a product or service from a specific set of companies were 86% more likely to purchase from a company with a simpler buying-decision journey. They were also more than 100% more likely to recommend the company to others, along a nearly 10% greater intention of repurchasing.

Clearly, it pays to clarify.

Empower Your Employees

A lot has been written about this recently and with good reason.

While you are focused on growing the business long-term, the people who you’ve entrusted to represent you and your brand are engaging with customers, vendors, and prospects on a daily basis. As business owners and managers, we can’t be everywhere at every time – but perhaps an employee can be. If they need to continually seek your permission on minor items, maybe it’s time to simplify your processes.

Employees want to feel like they are working towards something great; having the capability to impact someone’s experience can be incredibly rewarding. Empowering employees is a value Fast Capital 360 was founded on and we’d be happy to share our secrets to success with you. Give us a shout if you’re interested.

Invest In Your Business

This might be the most important resolution you can make to your employees, your customers and yourself.

Running a business often means that we ‘pay’ ourselves last. While this is usually understood in entrepreneurship, putting money back into your business lays the groundwork for the eventual payoff. Investing in our businesses enables us to plan for the future and shows our employees and customers how devoted we truly are.

Even if the cash you have on hand isn’t substantial enough to make the changes you’ve dreamt about in 2017, exploring your options is a good idea. Whether you’re best suited for quick business loans or finding the best line of credit for small business from a traditional bank or alternative funding company like Fast Capital 360, understanding what’s available could mean big things for your business this year.

How do these resolutions fit with your 2018 business goals? Did we miss any? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter and Happy New Year!

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