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Giving Back to Your Community

I think it would be a safe guess that many of you already donate to charity. Maybe you volunteer at the local food bank. It may not have entered your mind to bring that custom to the workplace. Either you don’t want to impress your causes on others or it seemed too large of a project to take on. Whatever the reason, I’d like to offer you reasons to consider giving back to your community a group effort.

One of many benefits to involving your company in charity, is pretty obvious. There are droves of people out there, and causes, that need help. There may have been a time that you needed assistance. I’m a believer that one person can make a huge difference. It starts a movement. But, a group can be much more impactful.

Another reason to encourage charity at the office is the sense of togetherness it brings. Imagine how proud you and your employees will be when they see the difference they made in someone’s life. When people pull together in a common cause, it makes them feel closer. Teamwork is an instant morale booster.

It also gives your company more exposure. This may seem selfish, and is not THE reason to be charitable. However, it’s an incentive. Your community would much rather do business with someone that gives back than those that don’t. Bill Gates makes more money than any of us can imagine. I have no issue with that because not only did he earn it, but he’s generous. As of Oct. 12, 2015, Mr. Gates had lifetime donations equaling $27 billion (with a “B”). Not only is he generous with his money, but also with his time. He and wife, Melinda, have traveled all around the globe helping those in need. That’s the kind of business I want to support!

Now, you and I are likely not worth billions of dollars, but our impact can make a difference. It all starts in our own neighborhoods and communities. Listed below are some ideas on things you could begin at your own office.

*Organize a walk: It seems like every month, there is a walk for some cause. This has become a very popular way to make money for charities and it gives people a sense of community. Maybe there’s someone in the office, including you, that has a cause close to their heart. Start an office team and do the walk together.

*Change jar: We all have spare change. Why not put a jar in the office that people can throw their spare change in? And to up the ante, the company can match whatever is in the jar at the end of the month. Each month, you can even change the charity if you find that there are multiple charities you’d like to donate to

*Coat/clothing drives: These are especially relevant in the colder months (for those of us that get colder months). Though, people need clothes year round, of course. There are also organizations that collect career clothing for people re-entering the workforce.

*Food drives: Sadly, there is not a shortage of impoverished people in our country. People in your own communities may have lost their job and wound up on the street. Life’s circumstances can change in a heartbeat for one reason or another. Thinking about people that have no food to eat is heartbreaking. Have a box in your office to collect non-perishable food to donate to the local food bank. We, here at Fast Capital, have an ongoing food drive to be delivered once a month to local food banks.

*School supplies: As we speak, we also have a drive for school supplies. There is no reason any child should not have the proper tools to get aid in their education.

*Toys: Nothing brightens a child’s day as much as a new toy. Being able to provide that joy to children of families that don’t have the means for those “luxuries” or to children in hospitals is so rewarding.

*Not all charity is about collections. It’s also about helping our communities. Why not get a group together for a clean-up at the local park? Go serve food to veterans or the homeless. Volunteer to help provide a home to someone with Habitat for Humanity.

I’m sure I left a lot out here. There are, unfortunately, a lot of people that need help. Find one you’re passionate about. And be sure to share with us what you choose to do or already do as a company to help others. Inspire someone today!

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