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How Fast Capital 360 Differs From Traditional Lenders

If you own a business, growth is probably your number one priority. Growing your business is much like growing a plant or tree; it won’t happen without the proper nutrients.

In this scenario, the nutrients we’re referring to is the working capital your business needs to purchase things like new business equipment or renovate your workplace.

Identifying the best ways to expand your business is a challenge on its own, but a lack of capital can make things even more difficult. Fortunately, there are a handful of options available to your business

Is a Traditional Business Lender Right for My Small Business?

The first option that comes to mind when most people think of business funding is traditional bank loans. Bank loans have proven to be an incredible tool for businesses for the better part of a century, providing a more even playing field for smaller companies.

As the number of small businesses continues to climb, so does the need for traditional bank loans. This has created an issue for banks who have struggled to keep up with the influx of new applicants, forcing them to raise their standards to prevent stretching themselves too thin.

If your business…

  • Hasn’t been in business for 2 years or longer
  • Isn’t looking to be committed to a long contract
  • Is tired of hidden fees and confusing contracts
  • Doesn’t have a nearly immaculate credit score
  • Needs business funding fast

… then a traditional bank loan may not be what you’re looking for to satisfy your business’ needs.

Business Funding: Traditional vs Alternative

If your business is having a hard time qualifying for a traditional bank loan, don’t hit the panic button. There are alternative lenders out there aimed towards helping business owners just like you.

Fast Capital 360 is an alternative lender who’s main focus is to make business funding quick, easy and painless. To better understand the differences between a traditional bank loan and alternative lenders, here is a short comparison of each program’s requirements along with some additional details:

Traditional (Banks) Alternative (Fast Capital 360)
Over two years in business Six months or longer in business
A credit score of nearly 700 or higher A credit score of at least 520
Piles of paperwork Only necessary information like the name of your business, its owner(s) and annual revenue
Can take up to three months just to provide your business with a decision Know what you qualify for in as little as 60 minutes

There’s not a clear-cut choice as to which is a better scenario. Ultimately, when it comes to traditional vs alternative funding, it’s about finding the option that fits your business best.

How Fast Capital 360 Puts Business Owners First

Unlike most traditional lenders and some alternative lenders, Fast Capital 360 puts the focus on the needs of business owners. We know the last thing you want to do after a long day of running your company is spend your valuable downtime shifting through long and confusing paperwork.

Fast Capital 360’s online application only takes a few minutes of your time and doesn’t require you to divulge unnecessary personal information; only what’s necessary.

If your business meets the following qualifications…

  • 6 months or longer in business
  • A credit score of at least 520
  • $120,000 in annual revenue ($10,000/month)

… then chances are you will qualify with Fast Capital 360.

The difference between Fast Capital 360 and traditional lenders is we got our start much like any other business. We know how much time and effort goes into the growth of your company.

With the help of our next-day funding programs, we believe your business can reach the pinnacles you’ve set for it. We don’t throw your application in a pile and forget about it, we get right to it.

Once your application is submitted, one of our knowledgeable business advisors will contact you and explain the different ways our service can be used to impact your business.

If you’re ready to learn how to get a business loan online or want to know more about traditional vs alternative funding, call us at 800-735-6107 to speak one of our passionate business advisors! Or, start your online application and find out what you qualify for today!

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