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How To Facilitate Work Between Co-Workers

The express purpose of a CEO’s position is to ensure that a business performs at its peak capabilities. Whether you run a small business with a handful of employees or an enterprise-level company, it’s nearly impossible to get the highest level of productivity out of the people who work for you if they aren’t comfortable with one another.

Few employees will ever enjoy work more than spending time with their friends and family. However, positive relationships in the work environment often translate into more streamlined processes and increased skill-sharing. As an owner or executive, facilitating a relationship between employees can sometimes seem like forcing two people to like one another. With the right technique, the people who work in your business can learn to genuinely like one another without feeling like they are being made to.

Don’t punish water cooler talk
It’s common in almost any workplace for employees to make small talk in the break area or around the water cooler. Although it can seem like a drain on productivity, a few minutes of pleasant conversation can help familiarize your employees with one another, making them more likely to hop on projects together and more comfortable asking one another for help. When you tell the people who work for your business not to waste time in the break area, you’re telling them not to get to know one another.

Create an after-work event
Bowling, happy hour, laser-tag, a local sporting event, are all ways to encourage employees to get together after work and ‘let their hair down.’ Never plan these events for a Friday evening or weekend, fewer employees will show up. Planning an event for a weeknight and making sure it ends at a reasonable time means that the people in your company will be more likely to attend and will feel that their social lives are being considered.

When creating an after-work event, make sure that you can pick up the tab. If your business can’t afford to pay for all your employees to spend a night out on the town, pick up a part of the cost.

Welcome your new employees
The sooner your new employees feel like a part of the team, the sooner they will feel comfortable asking their co-workers questions. By allowing your newest employees to become a part of your work community as soon as possible, they will develop faster.

Try having meetings that allow new and veteran team members to introduce themselves.

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