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By Rosie Greaves Updated on December 28, 2021

How Do I Get a Facebook Ad Coupon?

Facebook ad coupons are free credits you can claim and use on Facebook’s (or Instagram’s) advertising platform.

You can find them a few ways, though they aren’t easy to stumble upon. For a small business owner, these coupons are marketing gold.

Where to Find Facebook Ad Coupon Codes

Contrary to what you might think, you can’t buy or request ad credits from Facebook. There are a few ways, however, that you might be able to find a coupon or credit.

Promotions: Every now and then Facebook holds one-off promotions where you might be able to snag a voucher if you have an existing Facebook ad account.

Partner Sites: In some cases, Facebook’s official partners will give away ad credits, usually for new customer sign-ups. Facebook partners you might recognize include Shutterstock, WooCommerce, Shopify, Mailchimp, GoDaddy and Hootsuite.

Referrals: Through the Facebook Ads Manager account, you may be able to earn a nominal ad credit, say $10, by referring businesses to advertise on the social network.

Events: You might even grab an ad coupon at a Facebook live event.

Email: The Facebook for Business website states you could receive an ad credit through

Other Possible Strategies: In certain online forums, it’s been rumored that there are a few ways a person can up their odds of getting a Facebook ad coupon.

  • One is to spend money on Facebook advertising and advertise regularly.
  • If you create a new account and don’t use it right away, Facebook may send you a credit.
  • Another strategy that’s suggested is to follow the Facebook Marketing page on Facebook and keep an eye out for advertised coupons.

Vouchers range in value. You might come across a $30, $50 or $125 credit, for example.

Beware of Facebook Ad Coupon Scams

Unfortunately, there are tons of scams out there.

There are unscrupulous people on the web who are all too willing to sell marketers counterfeit coupons that have no affiliation with Facebook.

If the coupon isn’t from either Facebook directly, or their official partners, err on the side of caution and steer clear.

Redeeming a Facebook Advertising Coupon

New Facebook advertisers can cash in their coupons by typing in the coupon code while filling out their payment details for their new ad campaign.

What if you’re a Facebook ad veteran? You can claim your coupon by heading to your payment settings and plugging in the code. Just click the “Payment Method” section.

Next, select the “Add Payment Method” tab and hit the “Facebook Ad Coupon” option.

From there, you should be able to enter your Facebook ad coupon code.

In some cases, you’ll need to create an ad first before you can redeem your coupon. This might be the case if you received a coupon from an email offer or in-product promotion.

Your Coupon Not Working?

If you’re unable to add the coupon to your account, one of the following reasons may be why:

  • Expired or invalid
  • Already used
  • Maximum number of uses has been met
  • Only valid for new advertisers

If none of these apply, contact Facebook Business’s customer support team for assistance.

Terms of Use and Expiration

When you incur advertising costs, ad credits will be used first before other payment methods you have on file. That being said, you can’t use a Facebook ad promo code to pay for previously accrued advertising fees.

After redeeming your ad credit, you have 30 days to use it. You can keep track of the expiration date, as well as the remaining value, by going to your “Payment Settings.” As long as you’re advertising, your ad credit will be charged daily until it expires or no longer has value.

Facebook Ad Costs

The price of Facebook ads is calculated on a cost-per-click basis. You only shell out for the number of clicks you actually achieve.

The average cost of a click is $1.72, according to a 2020 article by WordStream. However, this fluctuates massively depending on your industry, business model and how well you’ve targeted your audience. Some marketers report paying less than a dollar per click. For others, it can be nearly $4.

But don’t let the thought of a $4 click scare you. You’re in full control over how much money you spend each day. Rest assured, there’s no chance you’ll accidentally spend a fortune.

If you don’t want to spend more than your ad coupon’s value, set a spending limit. Keep in mind, in the U.S., the minimum daily budget for Facebook ad clicks, likes, video views or post engagements is $5 a day.

Alternatives to Facebook Ad Coupons

Because official Facebook ad coupons are hard to come by, you may consider finding and using coupons for other pay-per-click advertising platforms.

The most notable options are Bing, Google and Twitter. On the whole, coupons for these networks can be much easier to come across.


There are loads of coupons for Google ads that are available to new advertisers.

You can get them directly through Google. Unsurprisingly, this is the most reliable way of attaining these coupons — for both new and existing Google advertisers.

Alternatively, Bluehost offers Google ad credits when you sign up for one of its web-hosting plans. Once you spend $25 in ad credits, you can earn $100 more. The same goes for HostGator, another web-hosting provider.

You also can access $100 in Google ad credit when you become a customer of website builders Squarespace.


Twitter is giving new advertisers $25 of promotional ad credit to try out their ads. Just claim the credit from your Twitter dashboard once you’ve registered your ad account.


Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, offers ad coupons, too.

Bing coupons offer free ad credit when users spend a certain amount.

You can acquire them through Microsoft Advertising directly. Currently, you can enjoy $100 of ad credit when you pay $25 on Bing’s advertising platforms.

Another option? With a yearly premium Wix plan, you can get a $100 advertising voucher once you accumulate $25 in charges.

The same credit value is available if you sign up for Bluehost’s web hosting.

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