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Evaluating Your Employees

Employers and employees don’t always see eye to eye. When it comes to evaluations, however, most agree that they’re not a fan. For the one doing the evaluation, they are time consuming and you are often search for what you should even say to your employee. For the employee, evaluations are sometimes uncomfortable. One might feel on the spot and critiqued, making them feel self-conscious. Furthermore, if you have someone that doesn’t take constructive criticism well, it’s unpleasant for both parties.

So, should evaluations be a thing of the past? My belief is no. Despite the time and discomfort, employee assessments have more benefits than not. Whether you decide to do annual reviews or something more regularly (monthly or quarterly), taking the time to give feedback to your staff is time well spent.

Most of us want to know if we’re doing well or if there are areas we can improve. Let’s face it, we all wonder what people are thinking about us. This is equally, if not more, true when it comes to our work performance. Evaluations keeps the mystery out of someone guessing how you think they’re doing.

Annual appraisals are most common in the land of evaluations. People are traditionally due for pay increases annually, making it a common time for evaluations. Yet, there will be times you need to make exceptions to address issues that may arise. If you have an employee that is slacking on the job in any capacity, they need to be made aware. Not only does this give them the opportunity to improve their performance, but it covers you as well.

There are key points you want to cover in your assessments. Attendance, attitude about their job, how they perform tasks are just a few routine subjects. Keeping a checklist as an outline is a great way to organize your evaluations. It’s important to not only point out their shortcomings (though you will need to cover them). Point out their strengths as well. Giving someone praise will reinforce their confidence and allow them to take constructive criticism better.

Employee evaluations don’t have to be a chore. Focus on it being rewarding by recognizing the good. It will ultimately help the growth of the business.

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