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Considerations and Options for Business Credit Cards

You likely have at least one credit card you use to help run your business. There are so many choices that it can be difficult deciding which one(s) you should be using. There are some obvious things you know to look for like interest rate and fee schedules. However, there are other factors to investigate when selecting a card to best benefit your business.

Before making a final choice on a credit card, analyze what features would benefit your business the most. For instance, do you do a lot of traveling? In this case, find a card that offers travel rewards. To narrow down the choices, compare what the interest rate and fees are and if you’ll meet the qualifications listed. These cards are offered by banks as well as individual airlines like Southwest, United and Delta for example.

Perhaps you do travel for your business, but to places that don’t require air travel. Credit cards that offer rewards for hotel stays, such as Starwood or Marriott, may be a better alternative for you. The good thing about some of these cards also include airfare benefits as well as other benefits.

Of course, there are those of you that just want cash! And who doesn’t want cash? Should that be the route you want to take, there is a vast selection of cards that offer this. Local banks offer these as well as your major credit card companies. They vary on what type of purchases you make, though some have no exclusions on purchases made to earn points. Furthermore, while companies may offer points on all purchases, many offer extra points on specific products. The cash back can also be used, in many cases, on statement credits.

Keep in mind that your credit score will decipher which cards you are eligible for. Do your homework! There are many sites that do credit card comparisons to aid you in finding the best options for your business. The site I found the most extensive results on was

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