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Should You Consider Taking Your Business Mobile?

As technology enables consumers to make more educated decisions from anywhere their smartphones have service, businesses are forced to do more to entice customers. Brick-and-mortar still has its place in a more connected world, however, for small businesses, diversity is key.

Your prospective customers or clients compare your business against similar ones in the area using Google, Bing or another search engine. For many consumers, the proximity of your business to them is a major deciding factor. Whether you run a bakery, salon or automotive repair shop, there is a possibility that you could reach more customers if you were able to bring your business to their home or workplace.

Not For Everyone

No two businesses are identical, so what works for one electronics repair store may not work for another, that said, there are a number of industries where going mobile may be a major advantage.

Food trucks have existed since the 1950s, and food carts date back to much earlier times. The mobile food business has outgrown the stigma associated with its humble approach over the past decade to become a completely viable and respected option for offering different cuisines to customers across a given area. The biggest recent development is that some already established restaurants, bakeries and eateries are now using business funding to purchase mobile operations; giving them the ability to entice customers in a larger radius by offering them similar quality food closer to their homes.

With the food truck business exploding, other industries are following in their tasty footsteps. Though bridal boutiques, clothing stores or hotels may not succeed when looking to put their business on wheels, personal trainers, IT professionals, repair businesses and car washes have all made decent returns by bringing their services to their customers.

Right For You?

Any business expansion requires a substantial liquid capital investment. Expanding your business to go mobile will likely require at least a small credit loan to allow you to purchase the necessary equipment. An unsecured business loan allows you to purchase that new vehicle, mobile payment systems and hire new staff to make your mobile business dream a reality.

If you can do what you do and sell what you sell on the go, it’s worth considering expanding your business with a mobile component. With Fast Capital 360’s unsecured business lending, the next step of your business plan is only a phone call away.

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