Sales and Marketing

Developing a local small business marketing plan is key to succeeding.

27 Effective Ways for Small Businesses to Promote Locally

Developing a local small business marketing plan is key to succeeding in any community. Learn how to promote your business with these 27 effective local small business marketing tactics.

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How You Can Effectively Advertise Your Business on Any Budget

Knowing how to advertise your business effectively is one of the best uses of your budget. Learn how to promote your business while still saving money.

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How to Craft a Marketing Strategy That Resonates With Your Customer Base

No matter what kind of small business you run, you can’t stay afloat without an effective marketing strategy. After all, without a marketing plan, you won’t be able to get your product or service in front of the eyes of your target audience. Therefore, a small business marketing plan is necessary for small business owners, […]

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The 9 Ways Small Businesses Can Leverage Video Marketing To Grow

Small business video marketing has become a focal point for businesses of all industries. Engaging your audience with small business video brings a new element to your content strategies, making room for video series like customer spotlights, tutorials and behind-the-scenes footage of how your business works. Using video marketing for business to connect more with […]

Email extends businesses the ability to communicate with people who have already granted companies permission to talk to them.

Why Small Businesses Should Be Obsessed With Email

Even though it’s been around commercially for nearly a decade, social media continues to be the shiniest toy for businesses of all shapes and sizes. With its gargantuan following, Facebook is presumed to be the easiest way for owners and entrepreneurs to reach their customers. Right? Email: The Most Underrated Business Tool Although it’s been […]

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What Netflix’s Response to Tragedy Teaches Us About Being an Empathetic Business

A few Sundays ago, I felt the need to travel. This was a bit of a problem since I had nowhere to go and certainly wasn’t going to leave my house on a ‘school night’ to head to the New Jersey shore, the Poconos, or to the airport. Instead, I grabbed my iPhone and found […]

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Week #2: Fast Friday Business Tips – Social Media

Social media has become one of business’s best friends over the years, allowing companies of all sizes to get a better feel for the audience they are targeting. Whether it be asking for feedback, promoting new products or raising brand awareness, social media allows small businesses to expand in ways they might otherwise be unable […]

Virtual/ Online Communication

How To Ask For An Online Review

The importance of a positive online presence for small businesses cannot be overstated. Not only do reviews increase the likelihood of new customers purchasing your products or services, they increase your online ranking on search engines, essentially giving you free publicity. Though there are many out there who will review your business without ever being […]