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An illustration of an upsell and a cross-sell involving smart phones.

How to Increase Transaction Value in Retail: 12 Tips

When you want to know how to increase transaction value in retail, check out our top-12 list of ways you can do just that.

Learn how to make Google ads that reach your customers.

How to Create Google Ads That Work

Here are tips and strategies for how to create effective Google ads and grab more attention for your small business.

A store owner wearing a mask and decorating her shop for the holidays.

How COVID-19 Will Impact Holiday Online Shopping in 2020 (Plus 12 Tips)

Holiday online shopping will increase in 2020 because of COVID-19. Learn what your business should do to prepare.

Letter p graphic

What Business Owners Need to Understand About the 7 P’s of Marketing

Every element of your business is impacted by the 7 P’s of marketing. Learn how the marketing mix can be used to your business’s advantage and produce your best marketing strategy.

SWOT van graphic

SWOT Analysis: What It Is and How It Can Improve Your Business Plan

Looking to understand the meaning of a SWOT analysis? We’ll teach you the meaning plus 5 ways conducting a SWOT analysis benefits your business.

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Person holding marketing kit toolbox

What Your Small Business Marketing Kit Should Include

Marketing materials are a critical component to the health of your small business. Here’s how to create a marketing kit.

Papers cover a table’s surface in an office. A man and a woman point to different bars on an infographic report.

How to Create a Winning Sales Plan for Your Small Business

Your sales reps need an action guide to crush their goals and your stakeholders need an inside peek at your company’s strategies. Enter: your sales plan.

Holiday marketing ideas can jumpstart your seasonal sales performance.

16 Holiday Marketing Ideas to Bring Your Business Cheer This Season

Holiday marketing ideas can jumpstart your seasonal sales performance. Here are sixteen winning holiday marketing tips you can use.

A blank billboard in a field. The monthly cost of advertising on a billboard is based on the volume and type of traffic it gets.

How Much Does Billboard Advertising Cost?

Average billboard prices vary by location, visibility and impressions. Here’s what determines total billboard advertising cost.

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