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Various hands from various directions hold cards labeled “Gift Card.”

Using Gift Cards for Small Business Promotion? Follow These 6 Steps

Using gift cards for small business promotion can be an efficient way to increase engagement and revenue. Here’s how to do it.

Depending on which button a user selects, HubSpot’s chatbot responds with relevant options and links to content that can answer user intent.

Ecommerce Customer Service: 10 Ways to Win Satisfaction (and Smiles)

Here are 10 steps to offering the best ecommerce customer service. Bolster your brand with best practices that include personalization, automation and more.

A planogram is a store diagram showing product placement.

Super Shelf Presence: Make a Planogram With Panache

Can you optimize inventory and increase sales with a diagram and data? Learn how to make a planogram in 6 easy steps.

A light illuminates a portrait of "The Customer."

Making Your Business More Customer-Centric: Here Are 8 Ways to Do It

Are you ready to embrace the customer-centric mindset? Learn how to transform your business by focusing on clients.

A doughnut shop displays an array of doughnuts as someone takes a photo with a smartphone.

Creative Retail Display Ideas: 15 Ways to Engage Customers

Do you want to improve customer experiences and increase sales? Use these creative retail display ideas to delight shoppers.

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Blue background with a hand holding a mobile phone in camera mode, taking a photo of a sofa with a small table next to it.

5 Retail Technology Trends in 2021

Here are 6 retail technology trends taking center stage in 2021. Discover the shopping experiences consumers want in ecommerce and brick and mortar.

A hand holding a smartphone is ready to press “Buy Now” on the screen.

Ecommerce Statistics Worth Knowing About for 2021

To get a lowdown on the latest ecommerce trends, here is our ultimate list of ecommerce statistics for 2021.

An android pushes a shopping cart full of groceries that reads “Retail Marketing.”

9 Marketing Strategies Every Retailer Needs to Use Now

Nowadays, retail marketing strategy doesn’t stay within the 4 walls of your brick-and-mortar location. These 9 strategies will drive sales.

Customers enjoy the convenience of shopping at an online store and the time and cost-saving benefits of picking up their purchase at a physical store location.

Should Your Small Business Offer In Store Pickup?

What should you know about buy online, in store pickup? The first step is understanding the pros and cons.

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