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employee performance

6 Tips for Creating Employee Performance Goals

Setting employee performance goals can help keep everyone accountable in the workplace. As you’ll see from employee performance goal examples, goal setting for employees in part focuses on ongoing responsibilities. Why Do Employee Goals Matter? Without creating specific and measurable goals for employees, they may not know how their overall performances are being measured. By […]

Employees high-fiving over the table

11 Ways to Keep Employees Happy and Productive

Happy employees are productive employees. In fact, a sunny outlook in the workplace can have a significant impact. According to a team at the University of Oxford Business School, happy employees not only worked faster, but they also achieved 13% higher sales than their unhappy counterparts. Here are 11 ways you can keep employees happy […]

employee performance

Tips for Effective Employee Performance Reviews

Employee performance reviews don’t have to be a chore. Let us help you prepare your reviews so you can build a stronger workforce.

employees enjoying fringe benefits at work

Fringe Benefits and Why You Should Offer Them to Employees

Fringe benefits are the “perks” offered by employers whenever they hire new employees in addition to the standard salary. Fringe benefits can give employees even more incentive to do a good job.

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