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A crane hoists a large document that reads “Construction Contracts” toward a construction worker wearing a hard hat.

Construction Contract Basics: Essential Tips (Plus Why They’re Important)

Knowing construction contract basics can help you negotiate good deals and protect your rights. Here’s our guide to the essentials.

A restaurant employee stocks a shelf with products.

7 Restaurant Inventory Management Tips and Best Practices

Restaurant inventory management affects your menu pricing and profitability. Put these tips and best practices into action today.

A cap rate calculator helps investors evaluate the profitability of a property.

Real Estate Cap Rate Calculator

A cap rate calculator helps investors evaluate the profitability of a property. Use ours to help you assess potential investments.

A woman works on a tablet. These business finance apps can help you simplify tasks such as payroll and taxes.

The 13 Best Finance Apps for Your Business

A finance app can help you tackle tasks such as budgeting and taxes for your small business. Here are the top 13 best finance apps to help your company.

Social media marketing for restaurants is crucial.

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Social media for restaurants is a must to drive customers through your doors and into your seats. Market smart in the digital age.

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A hand extends a sack of cash marked with a dollar sign to a construction worker at a job site.

Progress Payment Basics: Accelerating the Construction Payment Chain

What is progress payment and how can it help you get paid faster for construction projects? Here’s a rundown on how it works.

An illustration of a laptop screen that shows several graphs from a report.

Best Free CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help your small business manage and cultivate customer relationships. Here are the 8 best.

Make a great first impression with customized business cards. 

Best Custom Business Card Printing Companies

Online custom business card companies make it easy to create eye-catching cards for small business marketing and networking. Here are the top 5 printing services.

Two hands hold up a sheet of paper on each side. It reads “Preliminary Notice.”

Preliminary Notice Fundamentals: The Essentials You Need to Know

Sending a preliminary notice protects everyone involved in a construction project. Here’s a guide to the essentials you need to know.

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