Business Management

How can you maintain a thriving business when seasons change and slower months prevail? We’ll let you in a few strategies.

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Here are our top tips for running a thriving business, whatever the season. Also, see our list of top thriving businesses, from childcare providers to pet groomers.

Innovation management provides some needed guidance on inventing something new.

The Importance and Implementation of Innovation Management in Business

What’s innovation management and why is it important? We’ll explain. Plus, find out how to implement an innovation management framework in your company.

Measuring a cash flow balance. 

Tips to Maintaining Positive Cash Flow

Even a profitable business can struggle with positive cash flow. We’ll answer why cash flow is important and share 8 tips for maintaining cash flow.

Woman calculating her accounts receivable turnover ratio.

How to Calculate Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio

Your accounts receivable turnover ratio can help you boost your business’s cash flow. Here’s how to calculate and interpret that ratio.

Team analyzing money and data

A Comprehensive Guide to Measuring Your Small Business’s Liquidity Ratio

Your liquidity ratio is key to knowing whether your business can pay its bills. Here are 3 simple formulas to help you find your liquidity ratio.

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Person filling out UCC-1 form

How to Remove a UCC Filing from Your Business Credit Report

A UCC filing against your business can scare off potential lenders; here’s how to remove a UCC filing after your debt is paid.

Someone hands over a paycheck to a businesswoman.

How to Pay Yourself as a Business Owner: Which Way Will Save You Most on Taxes?

Knowing how to pay yourself as a business owner is essential for financial planning and tax preparation. Here’s what you need to know.

A female business owner wins the race, beating other business owners.

13 Ways to Get Ahead of Your Competition

See how you can stay ahead of your competitors and leverage business competition to your advantage with the best competitor analysis tools.

This illustration depicts a scale with “IT” on one side and “Cost Savings” on the other.

IT Cost Reduction: 12 Tips to Trim Expenses

When budgets get tight, IT cost reduction becomes a priority. Here are 10 top tips for managing IT costs.