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A number of factors can dramatically impact your small business tax rate.

Your Guide to Small Business Tax Rates

The small business income tax rate is an issue that a business owner must address. The choice of corporate entity makes a big difference.

Trunk of a person wearing a blue suit and tie with a name tag that says “Coach” and a whistle around the neck.

How Can a Business Coach Help You Achieve Success?

Find out what a business coach is, how one can help and what they charge for their services. Also find out where to find business coaches near you.

Two men in neon safety vests stand in a warehouse and consult a document on a clipboard.

A Step-by-Step Guide for How to Get a Small Business License

Every business owner should know how to obtain a small business license. We break it down, step by step.

A man sits at a desk and works on a laptop in his home office while his dog rests on the floor nearby.

Pros and Cons of Offering Telecommuting for Your Employees

Telecommuting has become a popular way to improve morale and productivity. Learn how it can benefit your small business today.

A checklist of business attributes including “ethical” and “responsible” is on a clipboard. The clipboard is next to a cup of coffee; a pitcher pours milk into the cup..

Is It Worth It to Get BBB Accreditation for Your Small Business?

Here’s what BBB accreditation means, what happens if your business doesn’t have it, and the pros and cons of joining.

Apply to multiple lenders with just one application Learn More
A broken piggy bank sheds tears.

8 Key Bankruptcy Statistics: What They Mean for Businesses and Consumers

Bankruptcy statistics provide insights into economic trends and the causes of business failure. Here’s what 8 key numbers reveal.

What regulations apply to your company as a restaurant owner will be different than if you’re operating a technology startup.

6 Government Regulations Small Business Owners Should Know

Following business regulations protects your customers, employees and helps you avoid a lawsuit. Here are the rules you should know.

Certificate of Good Standing Image

What Is a Certificate of Good Standing and Why It Matters

A “certificate of good standing” proves your business is operating in accordance with state law. Here’s why you need one.

DuPont analysis text graphic

DuPont Analysis: What It Tells You About Your Company’s Profitability

We’ll explain the DuPont analysis, how it benefits your business and how you can use it to improve your performance or attract investors.