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Hand holding the Must-Have Business Checklist for 2022

How to Create a Business Plan to Succeed in 2022

Learn how to write a stellar business plan and find out why it’s vital you have one. Access our free business plan checklist too.

A giant bolt labeled “Business” is being tightened by an adjustable wrench labeled “Improvement.”

Business Improvement Strategies: 9 Tips to Optimize Operations

Want to expand operations while increasing productivity? Use these tips to decide which business improvement efforts to prioritize.

An android sits at a desk working on an invoice.

What Is Finance Automation for Business? Here’s How It Works.

Learn what finance automation is, the benefits it can bring to your business, and which finance tasks and processes you can automate with it.

Street post with one address sign that says 1099 facing one way and another with W-2 facing another with a blue sky and clouds above

What Is the Difference Between 1099 Workers vs. W-2 Employees?

Learn all about the differences between 1099 workers vs. W-2 employees as well as why you should hire one over the other.

A rubber stamp dipped in red ink rests near an invoice notice that has been stamped with the words “Past Due.”

Unpaid Invoices: What to Do About Them — and How to Collect

Unpaid invoices are part of doing business for any company that extends credit to customers. Learn how to manage them so you get paid.

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A businessperson holding a pick chips away at a large rock labeled “Labor Costs.”

How to Reduce Labor Costs: Keeping Your Biggest Business Expense in Check

Are your workforce expenses rising quicker than your sales? Learn how to reduce labor costs in 7 steps.

We see a hand clicking on a mouse and another hand on the keyboard of a computer. The screen shows the SBA logo and the words “Online Learning.”

SBA Classes for Businesses: How They Can Help You (Plus They’re Free)

The Small Business Administration offers free classes for entrepreneurs. Learn how SBA classes for businesses can help you succeed.

There is a stop sign on a road that reads “Downtime.”

How to Reduce Downtime: 8 Top Tips From Owners and Executives

Knowing how to reduce downtime can help you minimize productivity losses during slowdowns. We reached out to business leaders for tips.

A price tag labeled “Common Business Costs” is about to be cut by a pair of scissors.

Common Business Expenses: Here’s How to Cut Your Biggest Costs

Managing common business expenses is a key to successful financial planning. Here’s our guide to keeping your biggest costs down.

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