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Business Traveling Tips

Whether for business or pleasure, travel has become increasingly nerve-wracking. It all begins with trying to find a good price for a flight without having to pay extra for everything down to the peanuts. Once you have that behind you, there’s the packing and long security lines. In hopes of making your trip even a little less stressful, we’ve listed some travel tips here.

Pack only what you need. This is a bit easier if you’re traveling for business. unlike vacation packing, you typically don’t have to pack different occasion attire. That’s a plus! If you’re in a cold season and must pack outerwear, if possible, wear it on the plane as to not take up room in your luggage. When feasible, attempt to pack only a carry-on bag. Not only does this save you money, but it dodges the possibility of lost luggage as well. Keeping carry-on bags in mind, remember to keep your toiletry bottles at 3 oz. or under.

Most of us include electronics in our packing list. In business, it’s a must. If you don’t already own one, try trading your awkward laptop for a more streamlined one or a tablet. Not only is this is easier and lighter for you to transport, but simpler to get through the security lines with. Keeping it in the front of your carry-on so you can seamlessly take it out at security helps too.

While on the subject of technology, use it to your advantage. Most airlines or booking sites offer mobile check-in options and boarding passes. You can even request seat changes on most of these applications. It doesn’t end there. Apps like OpenTable or Reserve to make restaurant reservations and even pay for your meal. Then, of course, you have your GPS to help you get around the city you’re visiting. When it works, technology is amazing!

Be prepared with any information you may need. Have the numbers for the hotel you’re staying at, the place your meeting is to be, along with the car rental company. Confirmation numbers are also a good thing to have in your phone for easy access.

Dress to impress. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t be comfortable, but dressing well serves multiple purposes. I’m not endorsing pre-judgement, but you’re more likely to get better service when you are dressed the part of a successful business person. The other benefit to dressing nice, is if you hit a snag in scheduling or delays. You will already be presentable for your meeting.

Lastly, and most importantly, bring your patience. This is tough at times, I know. But, going in with the expectation that you’re going to be delayed or inconvenienced.  Have something on you to keep you occupied and keep your cool. Being nasty to the people will not result in better or faster service. Remaining composed gives you an advantage and will make your trip more pleasing.

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