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How Your Business Can Celebrate the World Cup and Win

Every four years something magical happens in the world. Countries from all over the globe, even those who don’t normally see eye-to-eye, gather in one place to see whose football – I mean soccer –  skills reign superior.

This year, the United States will not be represented in the FIFA World Cup, but that doesn’t mean your business shouldn’t be capitalizing on World Cup fever.

Every time the FIFA World Cup comes around, casual soccer fans here in the U.S. turn into fanatics, avid footballers become experts and even those who aren’t fond of the sport find themselves enthralled by studs like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Neymar Jr.

The craze is real, and even though the good old red, white and blue won’t be competing this year for a chance to hoist the trophy (and celebrate with Rihanna), you can be assured that there will be an enormous buzz surrounding this showcase of the world’s talent.

Kick Things Off With FIFA World Cup Specials

As we head into the first full week of this prestigious event, keep in mind that this isn’t a spectacle people intend to sit on their couch and watch by themselves. Much like a highly anticipated fight, people are looking to experience the World Cup together. 

A good way to draw in potential customers is to create World Cup-themed specials or sales. Restaurant businesses and bar owners, if you don’t have something planned, you are missing a golden opportunity.

Here are a few ways you can get your business into the World Cup spirit:

  • Drink & Food Specials
    • Offer specialty drinks or beverages paying homage to different countries
  • Jersey Giveaway
    • Hold a raffle or play a game where the winner can take home some World Cup merchandise.
  • World Cup Games
    • Host a tournament where every team represents a country partaking in the actual event

With this year’s games taking place on quite literally the other side of the world, most start times are taking place either early in the morning or midday. This could mean you’re in store for an earlier rush than normal, or a prolonged one if you run the right promotions.

Offering cheap drinks and bar food is an easy way to get people through the door during the day, but top that with good service and you could be looking at a crowd who sticks around for a full meal and some drinks long after the games come to an end.

Retail stores, we suggest you look to carry as much World Cup merchandise as possible, like this retailer in Texas.

As the above Texas business owner said, the FIFA World Cup only comes around every four years. That’s part of the allure, and  your business should be capitalizing on it.

FIFA World Cup 2026: North America

As we all know, our U.S.A. footballers didn’t make the cut this year but don’t count on that to be a trend. This is the first time team U.S.A. has missed the World Cup since 1986, and nobody’s happy about it.

You can expect a strong comeback in the 2022 World Cup and in 2026, the United States and our neighbors, Canada and Mexico, will be playing host as the World Cup returns to North America.

That’s right, the world’s favorite game and most highly coveted tournament will be held right here on American soil for the first time since 1994. This will be the second time the event has been held here, and with over a dozen U.S. cities placing a bid to host one of the 16 games, there’s a chance you could have one of the most globally watched events right in your backyard.

So if you haven’t yet familiarized yourself with the World Cup phenomenon now is the perfect time to do so. Why not get in on the fun and get your business involved too?  It could become a lucrative month for your establishment, and who knows, maybe some of those customers will stick around, even when Ronaldo’s not putting on a show.

How is your local community or favorite watering hole celebrating the World Cup? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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