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6 Ways to Use Your Video Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales

Building Trust with Video Content

Small business owners are expected to keep up with trends and new technologies to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. Video is on the rise and it’s a feature that most businesses refuse to ignore.

Marketing teams are bringing video to the forefront thanks to its high engagement with target audiences, but typically the goal is to sell, sell, sell. Although online video production is a great avenue to connect with your viewers, you need to be sure your message results in conversions – and unfortunately, people are tired of being sold to.  

Personally, I am not an “easy sell,” where my fiance totally is. When we go out to eat, he is drawn to anything labeled new or limited edition – while I don’t even crack the menu because I order the same thing time and time again.

Trust is the reason I don’t venture too far out from what I know, but not everyone is like me. Small business owners, however, can agree that nothing is worth more than a customer’s confidence in your business – whether an easy sell or not.

If your company is looking to increase sales with a video marketing strategy, trust is exactly what you need to aim for.

Stop Selling and Start Marketing

There are thousands of business videos that introduce a product (or service) that go on to explain why you need it in your life. Unfortunately, businesses have run this method into the ground, leaving companies to look for new ways to entice their audience.

It may seem frustrating to keep up with engaging marketing techniques – but it’s important to keep in mind that as your business evolves each and every day, your audience does as well.

Buyers are now attracted to companies that form a connection with their customers. Making sure your business is supported by personable people, honesty, and content that addresses customer concerns will establish that bond you’re looking to form with your audience.

So what kinds of videos will promote a relationship with your customers to spark sales? Here are six concepts that your video marketing strategy can use to boost revenue.

1. Address Customer Concerns with Video Content

This one is pretty simple – it will basically answer all of the questions your customers typically have after interacting with your business for the first time.

So how to do you find out this treasured information? It’s actually pretty easy.

Your customers may interact with your employees face to face, over the phone or via email. Either way, ask your staff what concerns are normally brought up so that you can determine the struggles your customers face on a regular basis.

Are they unsure of your return policies, or are they confused with your website? No matter what difficulties your customers grapple with, you can answer all of these questions in your video to avoid future confusion.

A company that answers questions before they are even asked is impressive to the consumer – and it will show them that you know who you are dealing with.

You want to educate before you communicate – keep that in mind.

2. Introduce Your Customer Service Team

The next video you should include in your video marketing strategy is one that introduces your team to your audience. Increasing sales is much more than pumping up the product or service you offer – you need to advertise your reliability.

This video requires your staff to be on camera, so try and ease their nerves and be patient with insecurities in front of the lens.

Video content such as this can include who they are, what they enjoy, and why they are proud to work for your company. Keep in mind – they should not sound “salesy” when talking about your business, you want your customers to get to know them, not the brand.

This clip would thrive when incorporated within an email signature or even on a “Meet the Team” page on your website. No matter the type of video content you create, you want to be sure its placement makes sense.

3. Build the Trust with Company Culture

Introductions are crucial when building relationships, and your company deserves one as well. This video would be located somewhere like your homepage before your customer delves deeper into what you have to offer.

A company culture video not only gets your customers acquainted with your business, but it also shows what it’s like to work there. This is your chance to use your sense of humor – don’t be afraid to show off the broken coffee pot; it makes your business more authentic and relatable.

Your customers typically only get to see a certain side of your business, but inviting them “behind the scenes” shows your vulnerability and honesty – the things buyers thrive on today. 

4. Who Doesn’t Fit Your Customer Base

This may seem counterproductive, but including a clip that explains who may not fit your customer base actually intrigues those who do. Customers love to feel exclusive – that’s why a number of companies encourage you to sign up for an exclusive group to receive special offers and coupons.

Not only does this marketing strategy make the audience feel exclusive but it also shows them that you care. This business video idea may not actually deter anyone away from your company, but it will draw in those who appreciate the fact that you put them first.

5. Live Video Ignites Authenticity

Creating content for your video marketing strategy takes time, equipment and lots of preparation. Your talent has to be sure to get the lines right, the editor needs to cut it down and put it all back together – it’s no easy task to create solid video content.

Sometimes those videos can seem rehearsed; a way to get the authenticity back into your videos is to use the live features offered on Facebook and Instagram. Going live on a social media platform still requires preparation, but once you hit record and post the clip, you’re done.

This kind of content is more engaging because your viewers are able to interact and comment in real-time. According to Social Media Today, 85% of people are more likely to watch a Facebook live broadcast because of that very reason.

SMT also shares that users are more likely to watch a live video three times longer than they normally would a pre-recorded clip. Do your research and figure out when your audience is on those platforms and hit the record button.

You won’t regret it.

6. Business Proof – Customer Success Stories

The last video you should include in your video marketing strategy for your small business is one that shares a success story or customer testimonial. According to Brevit, only 13% of customers believe a salesperson can understand their needs – that’s why utilizing customers who were in their position will have a greater effect.

If you sell a product that delivers instant gratification (customers being served food and drinks at a restaurant), including a video of customers giving positive reviews would be beneficial to your sales goals.

If your business offers a service or product that delivers over the course of a period of time, like small business funding or construction work, you could create a video that documents the journey your customer takes with your business. Not only does this prove to your audience that your customers are happy with your work, but you also set their expectations for completion if your services are not completed immediately.

Creating a page on your website dedicated to customer testimonials and success stories will give your audience a place to find the proof they need to justify your work.

Not only that, but a testimonials page is a convenient way to provide Google search users the information they are seeking regarding your product or service. Consider optimizing your website’s testimonials with best SEO practices in mind, and even implementing structured data to really reap the benefits on Google.

The only catch with a video like this is that you may need release forms to put your previous clients and customers on camera. Although it is one extra step, eForms provides a PDF of release forms for you to have handy when filming this kind of content.

Make Your Video Marketing Ideas a Reality

Setting up a video marketing strategy to increase your sales is based on much more than the product and service you offer. It is imperative that you remember to advertise the reliability that comes with your business so that your customers choose you over your competition. This does not apply to every business, but in some cases, you may be offering the same thing other companies possess. You have to think of ways to distinguish your business from the others.

Coming up with the types of content that with increase your sales is the easy part. Online video production is an investment – whether you wish to learn yourself or recruit someone that has the experience and skills, you must be sure the content you create is of good quality.

You don’t need the cameras that cost an arm and a leg, you can use your smartphone to record the clips you need! The important part is that your shots are clear, your editing is seamless and it’s easy to follow from an audience point of view.

Your digital marketing goals are nonexistent without video – you’ll never know how to improve until you hit that record button and start rolling.

Happy filming!

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