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How to Better Manage Your Time as a Business Owner

As you run around with your morning coffee trying to make a dent in your daily to-do list, you might look at the remaining tasks and say “I need more hours in a day.”

Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon.

The good news is there are plenty of ways to save yourself some time without altering the rate at which our planet rotates. In fact, saving yourself some time in your daily routine doesn’t require you to break the laws of physics at all.

They might sound obvious, but these tips could save you and your business a lot of time moving forward, allowing you to think more innovatively, or simply just relax once in a while.

Step One: Prioritize   

Being a business owner isn’t just a full-time job; it’s an all-the-time job. But you knew what you were signing up for when you began this journey. At first, having so much to do was exciting; this was your creation, your baby, and there is nothing more exciting than watching your hard work come to fruition. But now that your business has grown it requires a bit more attention.

Plenty of people use to-do lists. They’re a great way to track your tasks and avoid forgetting anything. However, there’s a right way to-do this and a wrong way. Prioritizing is key.

When creating your list, make sure you are putting the most important stuff first. If you have something that must get done today, that should hold priority over running your button up you spilled coffee on yesterday to the dry cleaner (trust me, the damage has already been done.)

Instead of writing everything on one list, create a master list. This list should consist of everything you’d like to accomplish over a certain amount of time; your daily to-do list will include tasks from the master list.

Now, taking priority into account once again, create yourself a manageable list of assignments. As I said, sounds simple, but this little bit of extra planning can go a long way in saving you time and stress.

Step Two: Divide & Conquer 

For most business owners, tasks like ordering inventory, managing payroll or running errands are a part of your business. While you may not have considered delegating these tasks to your team, sharing the load frees you up to focus on greater priorities

Sharing the workload is a great way to get your employees and managers more involved in your business. More often than not, your staff is eager to take on new responsibilities.

Providing your employees with more responsibilities creates a sense of trust and value, and a worker who feels valued is more likely to work harder. Entrusting your employees to do some of these jobs could create a much more efficient work environment, not to mention save you some time.


Step Three: Upgrade Your Tools

Just because you have been doing something a certain way for a long time doesn’t mean there isn’t a more effective way of doing it. The business world is continuously evolving, and technology is advancing at a rate unlike we have ever seen.

Upgrading to a computer system is a surefire way to manage workflow, documents and employee or client records better. While you may have missed the memo, your competitors probably didn’t, and chances are they’re using their new computer systems to do all sorts of things like run reports, analyze data, and automate a dozen other daily tasks that you’re currently shouldering.

All jokes aside, if you haven’t at least began to integrate technology to help your business better serve your customers than this acquisition alone won’t just help you save a little time here and there; the difference will be night and day.

If upgrading your business equipment is something that you feel would benefit your company, but you aren’t sitting on enough free capital at the moment to make the changes you’d like, there are plenty of business equipment funding and financing options available. These online funding companies can help small businesses get the equipment they need fast so they can continue to grow.

When it comes to saving time, every second counts. You might not feel the change immediately, but as you continue to trim the fat off your daily schedule, you’ll to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Use these small tips to help manage your time and effort and you’ll reach the happy medium between working hard and overwhelmed that most business owners prefer.


How do you save time in your business? Do you have any helpful tips that others could use? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll add them to this post!

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