Scheduling appointments with clients and prospects can turn into a time-consuming and frustrating process. This not only impacts your productivity: It creates unnecessary friction that could lower your conversion rate.

Thankfully, you can simplify the workflow with free appointment scheduling software, which allows customers to book, reschedule and cancel appointments through a web interface from anywhere and at any time.

Key Functions

Most of these platforms allow you to set availability for clients to:

  • Select an appointment time
  • Sync up with your calendar in real-time to avoid conflicts and errors
  • Automate appointment reminders to reduce no-shows.

Some of these apps also offer payment integration to further streamline the customer experience.


Let’s review 9 of the best free appointment scheduling software programs (in no particular order):

1. Calendar

This digital calendar, which syncs across multiple devices, connects your other calendars (including Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and iCloud) to one dashboard. It offers team-management services and an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant feature that learns your schedule and helps with planning, meeting invites and scheduling changes.

Calendar’s free basic plan includes features such as unlimited scheduling, personalized calendar link, automated event notification and reminders. Paid plans include features such as meeting transcriptions, team analytics, white labeling and customer relationship management (CRM) integration.

2. Setmore

The free version of this appointment scheduling software includes a payment-processing function that integrates with Square. It allows you to set up a public-facing booking page and supports up to 4 staff calendars and logins. You can send automated appointment notifications to clients who have booked time with you. The software integrates with Facebook, Instagram, Slack, MailChimp, Google Calendar, Office 365, WordPress and other apps.

Besides the free version, Setmore offers two tiers of paid plans. The premium plan allows you to scale up to 20 staff logins, send reminders via text messages and process online payments using Stripe. You can also add live booking to have your calls answered on your behalf so you can book appointments 24/7.

Use free software to book, reschedule and cancel appointments.

3. HubSpot Meetings Tool

This free meeting scheduling software allows you to sync your Google Calendar or Office 365 Calendar, set your availability and create a meeting page so you can send out a link to clients. You can embed a booking feature on your website or landing page so customers can schedule time with you. The app also allows you to send group meeting links so clients can schedule time with more than one person on your team.

The software integrates with other HubSpot services, including the marketing, sales and service hubs as well as its CMS app. For example, information captured in the scheduling software’s form fields can be used to automatically create a record on HubSpot’s free CRM software.

4. Calendly

Calendly’s free basic plan features calendar integrations with Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, Outlook and iCloud. You can schedule unlimited events, create a personalized link, set automated event notifications and embed Calendly links on your website.

While the basic functionalities are sufficient to get started, the free plan only supports one meeting type. You won’t have access to paid features such as group events, a pooled availability option for teams, short message service (SMS) notification, third-party software integration and live chat support.

5. Doodle

Doddle offers a free tool that allows you to create meeting polls: Invitees vote on your suggested meeting dates and times. You can coordinate availability across time zones while keeping everyone’s calendar private.

You’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan if you want to remove ads from your polls, set deadlines for polls, collect invitee contact information, sync meetings to your calendar, integrate with Zapier and track meeting invitations.

6. Appointlet

This free business appointment scheduling software allows you to customize your availability and create booking pages that you can send to prospects and clients. You also can integrate the booking page into your website, landing pages and emails. The free version includes unlimited bookings and meeting types, form fields, time-zone support, Google Calendar, and Office 365 Calendar integration as well as automatic booking integration.

Upgrading to the paid plan enables access GoToMeeting, Zoom and integrations, Zapier and Stripe integration, pooled availability for teams, pre-populated form fields and customizable reminders.

7. Square Appointments

This app, offered by payment processor Square, allows you to integrate payment handling into the appointment booking workflow. You can collect payment at checkout, request prepayment when customers book, send detailed invoices and charge a cancellation fee to reduce appointment no-shows. Clients can save their credit-card information to streamline the booking process so you can improve your retention rate.

The free plan includes one user-login and access to all the features. You can create a booking website, set up automated text and email reminders, and integrate the app with Google and Instagram.

Meet your company's scheduling needs while delivering a solid user experience for customers

8. 10To8

The free version of this cloud-based appointment scheduling software offers two-way client messaging tools in addition to appointment booking, calendar management and payment integration functionalities. The built-in email, instant chat, and survey features allow you to manage client communications within the scheduling app to streamline workflow and improve user experience. In addition, social media promotion tools help drive traffic to the booking page.

10To8 offers a few tiers of paid plans that provide more appointments per month, multiple user logins and customizable branding. The higher-tiered plans include Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act-related tools for users in the health-care industry.

9. Picktime

Picktime is 100% free and offers appointment bookings for different kinds of services, classes and rooms. The app includes features such as customer and staff schedule management, reports, and third-party software integrations.

You can use the software as a standalone booking system or sync it with third-party calendars. Picktime offers the ability to set recurring appointments and supports unlimited staff and employee calendars. It also lets clients reschedule or cancel appointments from any browser using their computers, tablets or smartphones.

Selecting Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software for Your Business

While the features in most free plans can support basic appointment scheduling needs, you may want to access advanced functionalities as your business grows. Review functionalities featured in paid plans so if you need to upgrade in the future, you can stick with the same platform rather than having to transfer your information, which could disrupt the customer experience.

To ensure an app meets your business’s needs, consider features such as:

  • Flexibility
  • Calendar synching
  • Payment processing
  • Third-party integration
  • Points of access

The aim is to meet your company’s scheduling needs while delivering a seamless and convenient user experience that will make your clients more likely to book an appointment with you.

In addition, read user reviews to see how others use the applications. Are they in a similar industry or have a comparable business model? How are they leveraging the software’s unique selling points? This will help you make an informed decision to choose the best free scheduling appointment software that’s right for your business.

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