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Balancing Automated and Manual Electronic Correspondence

Sending E-mail

Correspondence by way of phone calls or snail mail is becoming a thing of the past. A majority of marketing, communication, and billing are sent electronically. Business owners and their staffers rely heavily on technology to promote their business, bill their clients and more. After all, it’s more convenient, quick and streamlined.

Like most things, there are up sides and down sides.  While electronic correspondence is time and money saving, it can make us lazy. We begin to rely heavily on electronic contact that we sacrifice building relationships with our clients. This isn’t to say that we can’t build strong bonds with our customers via email, etc. But, there is a fine line to walk.

We at Fast Capital, are believers in building relationships with the companies that work with us. Nothing does that better than actually speaking to someone. Sometimes read words are easily misinterpreted when read as opposed to heard. We do, however, use technology often realizing how busy business owners are.

If you require frequent communication with your customers, you may already use automated options. If you’re in a business that warrants regular reminders to clientele, automation is a great tool… to an extent. Alternating between auto and manual communication is advisable though. First, as a consumer, automated emails become monotonous and easy to ignore. Secondly, there’s nothing personal about them. People start feeling as though they are no longer conversing with a person. The possible result is a customer feeling like a number.

Automation is your friend especially when you’re billing, sending sales or promos, or have exhausted other efforts.  For instance, if your company bills on the 15th of every month, there’s nothing wrong with having an auto email that goes out to your customers. Maybe you know you’re running a promotion on the 20th of the month. Automated group emails are understandable especially when you have a vast customer base. Otherwise you’re spending too much time contacting them individually. However, keep your clients’ privacy in mind. I’ve utilized group emails to my customers by putting them into a BCC (blind carbon copy). People tend to get irate when their contact info is compromised.

Ultimately, you want to find a balance of automating your communication while keeping the personal touch with your customers. The relationship is what will help keep patrons loyal to you. Personalized service has become secondary and people miss it. Set yourself apart.

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