Small business video marketing has become a focal point for businesses of all industries. Engaging your audience with small business video brings a new element to your content strategies, making room for video series like customer spotlights, tutorials and behind-the-scenes footage of how your business works.

Using video marketing for business to connect more with your audience will help your company build trust, address customer concerns, tell your customers’ stories, improve conversion rate, increase mobile engagement and many other benefits.

Here are 9 ways you can leverage small business video marketing to grow your business

Showcase What You Do

The first video you should share with your audience is what your business does. A lot of modern advertisements do a great job of grabbing your attention and lodging themselves in your memory banks, but what they aren’t making it clear what their company does.

Your primary goal is to make things easier for someone who is looking for a service like yours to locate you. Starting your business’s video marketing strategy by promoting what your business does and how it helps people shows you are trustworthy and isn’t trying too hard to sell itself.

This clip can either feature live actors or be animated like the one we’ve linked here. As long as it clearly conveys your company’s service and resonates with the right audience, a “What We Do” or “How It Works” video is a great first installment in your video marketing strategy.

Introduce Yourself and Team

The next step in your small business video production should be one that introduces your team to your audience. Increasing sales is much more than pumping up the product or service you offer – you need to promote your reliability.

This video requires your staff to be on camera, so try to ease their nerves and be patient with any insecurities in front of the lens.

Introduction videos can provide some background information about your employees including who they are, what they enjoy and why they are proud to work for your company. This makes them seem like real people and can lead to better relationships with your customers.

Customer Success Stories

Everyone loves a good success story, especially customers considering the same service that made that success possible. Showcasing the success of your clients can go a long way towards easing the concerns other potential customers and encourage them to choose your business. If your business offers a service like small business funding or construction work, you could create a video that documents the journey your customer takes with your business.

Creating a page on your website dedicated to customer testimonials and success stories will help Google search users find this information about your business. Consider optimizing your website’s testimonials with the best SEO practices in mind, even implementing structured data to really reap the benefits on Google.

The only catch with a video like this is that you may need release forms to put your previous clients and customers on camera. Although it is one extra step, eForms provides a PDF of release forms for you to have handy when filming this kind of content.

Interact With Your Audience

This one is pretty simple – it will basically answer all of the questions your customers typically have after interacting with your business for the first time. Learn about the general concerns of your customers by asking your employees to list the most frequently asked questions they get.

Are they unsure of your return policies, or are they confused with your website? No matter what difficulties your customers grapple with, you can answer all of these questions in your video to avoid future confusion.

A company that answers questions before they’re asked is impressive to the consumer and shows you know your audience.

Let Your Leaders Educate Your Audience

As you continue to roll out your video marketing strategy, identify an individual or group of employees who really understand your vision and how your business can help its customers. Use this group of hand-picked leaders to share what they do on a daily basis that gives your business the ability to successfully serve its clients.

If you have a well-known employee who your audience will easily recognize, get him in front of the camera. Every video marketing series needs a face and who better than the guy your customers feel the most comfortable with.

Go Behind the Scenes

This type of video is an extension of letting your leaders educate your audience. Going behind the scenes means showcasing your business in its purest form; hard at work.

The best way to make a successful behind the scenes video is to inform your employees that they may be on camera a few days ahead of the actual shoot. This way everyone can dress appropriately and be represented on video the way they are most comfortable.

The trickiest part of behind the scenes videos is getting it to feel natural. If you put too much effort into staging certain situations and scenes, the audience will be able to tell and the product will suffer. Know which of your employees will respond best to a camera on them and really try to get them in action without making them feel uncomfortable.

Turn Your Best Blogs Into Videos

When a blog post resonates well with your audience creating a video to go along with it can improve your reader’s experience. Creating a video that presents the same content from the blog post in a different medium will appeal to a larger audience and bring the page more traffic.

Turning your blog posts into videos is effective but not all blog posts should receive this treatment. Determining which blogs should be turned into videos and which shouldn’t depend on the content. If you feel the content is being received well as a blog but could be enhanced by an accompanying video, this is a good opportunity to do so. However, if you have a blog post that is not doing well, a video won’t automatically fix the issue. It might add some life to the page, but if the content itself is not engaging, it could prove to be a waste of time for both you and your reader.

Use Live Video to Ignite Interaction

Creating content for your video marketing strategy takes time, equipment and lots of preparation. Your talent has to be sure to get the lines right, the editor needs to cut it down and put it all back together – it’s no easy task to create solid video content.

Sometimes those videos can seem rehearsed; a way to get the authenticity back into your small business videos is to use the live features offered on Facebook and Instagram. Going live on a social media platform still requires preparation, but once you hit record and post the clip, you’re done.

This kind of content is more engaging because your viewers are able to interact and comment in real-time. According to Social Media Today, 85% of people are more likely to watch a Facebook live broadcast because of that very reason.

Social Media Today also shares that users are more likely to watch a live video three times longer than they normally would a pre-recorded clip. Do your research and figure out when your audience is on those platforms and hit the record button.

Use YouTube to Your Advantage

YouTube has been educating, entertaining and humoring us since its creation in 2005. It is the second largest search engine in the world and hosts more than 1.5 billion logged in users a month, yet still, business owners aren’t using YouTube to its full potential.

One of the best ways to get your small business videos viewed on YouTube is to answer a commonly-searched question or teach your audience how to do something that’s related to your business. Not only will this get your brand in front of the right audience, but it will also build trust with your employees as they begin to see your business as a knowledgeable resource.

Every Video Marketing Strategy Is Different

As you continue to develop your business’s video marketing strategy, it’s important not to take three steps at a time. Focus on your first step, make a quality video, then move on to the next project. Too often, business owners start mass producing video content and lose sight of their original reason for creating them – to improve the user experience.

Using a successful business video marketing strategy to build trust with your customers and address any concerns they have can create a better buyer-consumer relationship. This can result in better conversion rates, engagement with your brand and down the road, make them more comfortable with sharing their experience with your business.

These 9 ways to use video marketing for business will help you create the type of content your customers are looking for if you keep their main concerns and interests in mind and don’t over complicate things. These videos for small business should inform and entertain your audience, so teach them what they need to know – and have fun doing it.

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