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5 Positive Character Traits to Look for in Your Employees

Identifying the character traits of a good employee is like finding a ripe avocado at the grocery store. They might look similar on the outside, but you have to really pick it up and get a feel for it to know if it’ll make great guacamole.

Yes, we know picking an avocado is a heck-of-a-lot easier than finding positive character traits in a potential employee, but the idea is similar.

Hiring can be a tiring process, especially if you’ve already had a few candidates not work out. That’s why it’s essential to evaluate each potential employee, properly, so you know what to expect once they join your company.

Before you can evaluate your applicants and interviewees, you’ll have to ask yourself what the qualities of a good employee are to you. The answer may be different for everyone, but there are five positive character traits that are routinely synonymous with good, reliable workers.

What Are the Qualities of a Good Employee?

Effective Communicator

Many people confuse being a great communicator with being talkative. While talking is undoubtedly a large part of communicating, what you’re looking for in an employee isn’t the loudest person in the room, but rather the person who can most clearly convey what it is that they’re trying to say.

Effective communication is helpful in:

  • Leadership roles
  • Emails
  • Collaboration
  • Asking questions


A dependable person is a model of consistency; someone who always gets the job done. As a business owner, nothing provides you peace of mind more than knowing something is getting done without you having to check on it.

Signs of a dependable employee:

  • Always finishes assignments on time
  • Is prompt and concise when responding
  • Never tardy
  • Asks questions and knows whats expected of them


Every business is a team, some bigger than others. And just as important as the leader of that team are the role players. Being able to work with other employees towards achieving a common goal is one of the professional qualities you should always look for in a new hire.

How to identify a “team player”:

  • Listens well
  • Isn’t afraid to lead but doesn’t need to
  • Can give and receive constructive feedback
  • Has a history of collaboration

Good Work Ethic

A good work ethic is one of those things you just come to expect from your employees, but that doesn’t mean everyone has one. Knowing your employees are self-starters who don’t need a fire lit under them isn’t just a character trait of a good employee, it’s one of the best attributes you can ask for.

Professional qualities that make up a good work ethic:

  • Good organization skill
  • Manages time well
  • Giving a task the attention it requires
  • Always looking for ways to improve

Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude, especially in trying industries like medical practices, is an invaluable asset. Hiring an employee who not only can put a smile on their own face but the faces of those around them can have a multitude of positive effects.

Impact of a positive attitude in the workplace:

  • Lighten mood when things get stressful
  • An optimistic approach to work
  • Don’t let little issues become big ones
  • Can create camaraderie

Everybody’s Different

While these positive characteristics can be used to identify an applicant with potential it’s important to remember the characteristics of a good employee aren’t made with a cookie cutter; everybody’s different.

Each employee you hire possesses a unique skill set and it’s up to you to envision how their professional qualities will benefit your business. While the positive character traits listed above are often signs of a hard worker, you shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss someone just because they aren’t yet a confident communicator or lack some organizational skills. They might make up for it iin other areas.

All in all, it is up to you to decide what the qualities of a good employee are and how to use them, but we hope this list gives you a better idea of what to look for during your hiring process and how to analyze it.

Learn more about Fast Capital 360 by visiting our homepage, or call us at (800)-735-6107 if you have any questions about how our small business funding could help your business grow.

Tyler Sousa

Tyler Sousa

Tyler Sousa is a content marketer who specializes in business and finance writing. Born and raised in Central New Jersey, his journalism background and personable writing style make him a detail-oriented author as well as a great storyteller.
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