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10 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

What’s one thing businesses of all sizes have in common? A desire for more customers. You’ll never meet a successful business owner who decided they no longer were interested in attracting new customers, that kind of attitude just isn’t synonymous with good business.

That being said, bringing in new customers is an art, and there are different ways to perfect this art. In our ever-evolving, technology-obsessed world, one of the best ways to reel in potential customers is to direct more people to your business’ website. Creating and managing an engaging website is no easy task, but once you have your website running smoothly, the next step is getting more people to visit it.

These ten tricks can help bring more traffic to your website where they can either make a purchase or learn more of about what services your business offers.

1. Content

The world of online marketing is one of phases and trends, and right now the biggest fad is content marketing. Content marketing is used to produce content that is either entertaining or helpful to the audience you are hoping to attract. The idea is that by conveniently placing this material on your website it will bring more people to the site itself. If the content is interesting and insightful enough, chances are you’re bound to get at least a few clicks out of it.

2.  Social Media

Social media has revolutionized the way we live our lives over the past few decades. It has changed the way we communicate, how we get our news, and the way businesses promote themselves. The beauty of social media for businesses is that it’s virtually free advertising. By interacting with and posting to the cyber world, people are bound to come across your page one way or another. It costs nothing to create a Twitter account, but the followers and potential customers you interact with can become extremely valuable.

3. Advertise

Sounds obvious, but advertising for your website plays a huge role in generating more traffic. Putting money into this cause is a smart move for business owners because the results can be eye popping. Most social media platforms offer advertising options, and even paying to have your site show up a bit higher on search result pages is a great way to increase visibility.

4. Internal Linking

Establishing backlinks on other websites is one way to fortify your link profile, but building a strong web of internal links can also prove useful. Not only does this help with SEO, but it also helps make the user’s experience more enjoyable. If a visitor to your site is enjoying the page they are on, providing them an enticing internal link related to what they are reading can keep them on your site longer, increasing the chance of a conversion or the likeliness of them revisiting.

5. Site Structure

Internal links can keep a user occupied while visiting your site, but making sure that your page is easily navigated can also help ensure a longer and more pleasurable experience. Your website’s performance, speed and responsiveness is essential. If your site works well, people will use it, plain and simple.

6. Facebook Remarketing

Social media advertising is a rapidly growing and efficient form of marketing. Of the major social media platforms, the options provided by Facebook offer the best results. Remarketing, in general, is an excellent tool for businesses, but being able to target your recent visitors on their news feed brings a new element to it. Targeting potential customers while they are scrolling Facebook in their free time is a smart way to generate some more traffic for your site.

7. Eye-Catching Headlines

This goes with the concept of content marketing. Good content is extremely valuable to a website, but the content alone isn’t enough to grab the attention of the common reader. In our fast-paced lives, the headline of an article often determines whether or not we are going give it the time of day. This makes headline writing a crucial part of content marketing and translates directly to how many clicks the material will get.

8. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) has taken a backseat in some regards to the alternative of paid advertising like pay per click (PPC), but it is far from invaluable. Each business is a unique entity, and the options that work best will differ. That being said, the “organic” results of SEO hold high value with search engines, not to mention it’s free.

9. Keep It Fresh

When creating content, advertising or posting to your social media accounts, try to avoid becoming repetitive. Change up the length of the material, put out a new ad, these things keep your following intrigued and interested in your business.

10. Research Your Competitors

If you’re still having trouble successfully driving more traffic to your website, try visiting a competitor’s website and see what’s working for them. This is not to say you should copy their method exactly, but figuring out what another business is doing to attract a similar audience can help you develop your own technique.

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