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How to Get Additional Business Funding for Your Growing Company

When your business starts to grow it can be difficult to meet new demands without some help.

Business owners who need additional funds to prepare for the expansion of their business will seek small business loans with traditional lenders or alternative funders. Unfortunately, many of these financial institutions are hesitant to approve small businesses for large amounts of funding.

While any amount of funding might seem helpful in a pinch, to really capitalize on your business’s growth you’ll probably need more.

Business owners who get approved for a portion of the financing they were looking for often settle for their inadequate amount of funds and attempt to make the best of it.

But what if I told you there are additional business funding options aimed to help companies just like you who weren’t approved for enough business financing to make a difference.

Direct funders like Fast Capital 360 offers exactly the type of additional funding companies are looking for.

Getting Additional Funding for Your Business Has Never Been Easier

With traditional lenders, it’s hard to get approved for small business loans in general – nevermind securing the full amount you were hoping to receive.

If you weren’t approved for enough business financing to make the changes to your business that you intended to, initially, Fast Capital 360 might be able to help.

If you:

  1. Could use additional business funding to fix or replace new business equipment
  2. Need extra business financing to purchase new inventory
  3. Simply need more funding than you originally anticipated

Then Fast Capital 360 can do one of two things for you:

  • A. Loan Consolidation (situational)
      • Recieve additional funding to pay off your current loan and only make payments towards your new funding with Fast Capital 360
        1. For example, if your business was hoping to receive $50,000 in funding, but was only approved for $20,000, the following month you might take out an additional loan for $15,000 as your business’s needs have not been met. Now you’re making separate payments on two different loans.
        2. In this example, what Fast Capital 360 can do for your business is provide it enough funding to pay off both your existing loans and extend your repayment schedule so that your payments are made smaller as well.
  • B. Additional Funding
    • If your business has a pre-existing loan out with another cash flow lender, then you may also be eligible receive additional funding with Fast Capital 360.
      1. Extra business financing, on top of the funding you’ve already received, can help your business reach the goals you were aiming to achieve with your small business funding.

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How to Get Additional Business Funding With Fast Capital 360

Qualifying for additional business funding with Fast Capital 360 is quick, simple and easy.

First, you’ll fill out our online application.

Getting additional funding for businesses has never been easier thanks to Fast Capital 360’s online application. Applying takes just a few minutes of your time and only asks for the essential info needed to better serve your company.

Then, you’ll pick a funding option.

At Fast Capital 360, we offer a variety of funding options from lines of credit for small business to alternative business loans. Once your application has been submitted one of our experienced Business Advisors will reach out to you within a few hours and provide you with the options you and your business qualify for.

Finally, use your funds!

After you pick the additional business funding option that makes the most sense for your company, you’ll receive your funds directly to your business bank account by as soon as the following business day!

If you feel like you’ve been approved for less financing than your business deserves or simply need an additional round of funding, give us a call at (866) 451-8985,  or start your online application today!